Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome Summer!

Today was the last day of school for students in the public school district where I used to teach. It is hard to believe that I "sat out" this past school year, opting instead to stay home with our little ones. And while I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the classroom even a little bit, I truly have enjoyed my time here at home.

Last day of school...2008

I was fortunate to spend the last two-years of my teaching career in one of the finest districts in Kansas and at a state-of-the art, brand-new building. While it is a lot of work to be part of a founding staff that opens a new school, it was also a rewarding experience and a lot of fun. I am in the back (not much taller than some of my 3rd grade students) wearing a blue sweater. My job-share partner (I only taught half-days that year) is seated in the center. A couple of our students are holding a book basket that we presented to her as a baby-shower gift on the last day of school. Appropriate, huh?!!! Books to welcome a new baby!

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by! This is how we celebrated the "last day of school" 2009:

Big wheels and scooters on the front porch.

Lazy day naps!

Hosing down lawn/porch furniture!

Here's wishing you all a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend as well as a fantastic summer!


  1. I think being at home with my children is the most rewarding job I could ever imagine. I don't look corporate, I don't talk about nails, hair, and outfits, I don't fit in around those peers. I listen to them and I ache for them. Often one will say, "Billy was sick, I hated that the pre-school wouldn't keep him but it was nice to stay at home with him for a day!" I think that they have no idea what they are missing.

    I am the one that wipes my kiddos snotty noises and dirty behinds. I am the one that cleans up after them and teaches them. I am the one that gets to see the first steps, the first words, the first paper, the first in everything. It is wonderful.

    You have two beautiful children. You are so blessed to have them and to know that. Continue to enjoy that classroom in your home. The love and confidance that grows from that is unshackable.
    In Him,

  2. It is so worth it to stay at home and just be a MOM! Even though I have one in college and one that will be a senior in 7 days. I would not trade my stay at home days. I have a wonderful part time job now that God has blessed me with. I am off at 1:00 and my son loves to bring his friend over for supper (which is quite often). His friends have recently started putting in requests for supper and special desserts.
    I think a lot of kids now a days go home to an empty house. I am glad that my kids rarely came home to an empty house.
    I love the pictures...Julie

  3. Thanks, Shan!

    I agree 100%. When I first shared with friends and co-workers my plan to "resign" I got a lot of..."Oh I could never be home all day...I'd get bored." Or, "I am dying to get back to school by the end of summer," but I never did feel that way.

    Even with not having much money...I couldn't really afford to go anywhere or do anything that cost entrance fees or admission...we had such a good time making cookies, watching Sesame Street and cleaning. (My kiddos love paper towels and Windex!)

    These are the days that I will always remember. I can hardly remember Mary's 1st year...partly b/c I didn't know about blogging (ha ha), but mostly b/c I was always stressed and always working. :(

    Thanks for being my greatest stay-at-home cheerleader!


  4. Julie...what great comments!

    I've actually heard people say that your pre-teens/teens need you at home more than the babies/toddlers do. While I disagree, I definitely understand their point...children need you at home regardless of their age!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  5. Now that I am no longer teaching and no longer have children in school, I never seem to know when the school year ends.

    I know you've enjoyed your year at home.

  6. I love being a stay at home Mom. I do what I can to earn some extra money from home. I just don't want to miss these years for anything! My husband has been laid off for quite some time now and I really hope I don't have to give this up. I want to be home with my babies! I am so glad you are experiencing this too. It really is the best (and most stressful) job...but worth every second!


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