Thursday, May 28, 2009

A "Tail" of Two Daughters

I'm going to admit a secret here...when I found out that I was having a boy I was foolishly disappointed. It's not so much that I didn't want a son, as I really just wanted another daughter. I had visions of matching sundresses and hair bows swirling around in my head and well...I know about girls. How to dress them, how to play with them, and most importantly how to potty train them.

However, about mid-way through the pregnancy a co-worker gave me a Celine Dion CD that had her version of John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" on it and I began falling in love with Benjamin before even meeting him. And after that 3D sonogram...well, how could I not love my little man that looked almost exactly like me?

Over the past two-and-a-half years, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with my little prince. He is the perfect companion for our little princess and purchasing coordinating outfits has been just as much fun, if not more so, than matchy-matchy anyways!

So imagine my sheer delight when little man insisted on "have ponytail too, momma" this afternoon! I was more than happy to oblige. Thank goodness his fire fighting daddy is on-duty and not around to see this! (He never reads our family blog!)


  1. How cute! I have a picture of my son (17) that I took when he was 3. My daughter (20) dressed him up in one of her old dresses. The picture is priceless...because the dress fit him perfect!

  2. What a sweetie! I think it's great that children this young don't have the same gender hang ups that we do. Exactly what do the men think is going to happen if the boys wear a pigtail or heaven forbid play with a doll? I always thought it interesting that pink was originally used for boys and blue for baby girls. Somewhere along the way it switched. Now most of the male gender is terrified to wear pink... go figure.

  3. Hi Valerie,
    They are both just too precious! I mean it! And I love the pony tails! They really are two little cuties!

    Thank you for your sweet compliment on the recipes. I love to cook and entertain. Wish the food didn't love me so well. LOL

    It's funny, I always wanted a girl, and when they asked us if we were interested in adopting Lil E, they said it was a baby boy! Yes, she was just born, and we are told she is a boy! I was like sure and deep down was like I wanted a girl! And almost a week later, we find out, she is not a little boy, she is a precious baby girl! But it was bittersweet, as I had not seen her yet, and the love had grew for this sweet boy, and yet she was my soon to be baby girl!

    Hope yall are having a great week! Ours has been pretty low key!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  4. Too funny! They have such beautiful blond hair! I ended up with 2 girls and am really enjoying the matching dresses routine. Of course, big sis could care less if she matches her little sis...but oh well...soon she will want to pick out her own stuff and my plan won't work anymore :-(

  5. That is too funny. I only know about boys--three and a grandson--until now. With that new granddaughter, I'm going to learn all about ponytails and hair bows.

  6. Oh, that's it...Take advantage when he's on duty! Is this what you fire wives do when we're at work? :)

  7. Your children are adorable.

    Girls are fun but boys are so much easier. More expensive as they age but just so much easier in the long run.

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


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