Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Trip Around the World/Blue Monday

UPDATE: A few inquired as to what I paid for the thrift store find. The 11" "robin's egg blue" ceramic plate retails for $14.00 over at Raised Cotton. I paid $2.20 for my "harvest gold" 11" ceramic plate with the same raised pattern. Since it was my first thrift store adventure I wasn't sure if I overpaid or not. I think it was a good deal.

Happy Blue Monday! Many thanks to Sally over at Smiling Sally for hosting our weekly "blues" party!

Last week I went on a "virtual" trip around the world only to discover a great new store close to home!

I "left" Kansas City via the Internet and arrived in Illinois for a quick stop at Anne Marie's NaDa Farm. While catching up on some posts, I saw these lovely candles that she created, inspired by a delightful website called Jeanne d' Arc Living. Sounded intriguing and very French...oooh la la!

So I parked the car in "virtual long-term parking" and boarded a plane for Europe. Imagine my surprise when we touched down in Denmark! Yes, Jeanne d' Arc Living is a website created by two Danish women who love to decorate in the Nordic-country style with a bit of inspiration from the French! As I was navigating their site, trying to figure out pricing/shipping/freight/etc. I scrolled down toward the bottom to see a list of European country locations that carried Jeanne d' Arc products. A bit further down, I discovered that there are a handful of American shops that also carry their products.

And that's when I saw it...out of five or six locations listed around the country...Raised in Cotton...Kansas City, Missouri. WHAT?!!! You've got to be kidding me?!!! Can it be true...could there really be a location, not only in the Midwest, but in my HOMETOWN that carries these fine and beautiful Jeanne d' Arc Living products? My heart began to beat faster and I quickly clicked on the link provided.

The next thing I know, I'm flying back over that giant pond of the Atlantic and chartering a small commuter plane to land in Raymore, Missouri (a rural community on the outskirts of Kansas City). I have yet to take a "field trip" to Raised in Cotton (as I left my "car" at Anne Marie's back in Illinois), but plan to do so soon! Their website has lots of lovely blue hydrangeas gracing the home page. But what intrigued me most was when I clicked on their "Home Goods" and "Tabletops" links and saw this...

described as a "lovely robin's egg blue ceramic 11" dinner plate". I am in love with all of the different pieces that go with the set. But here is the crazy part...two weeks ago I went on my first thrift store run. While looking for blue and white or blue and yellow china plates I ran across this:

I couldn't pass it up...the beautiful scalloped design caught my eye and even though it wasn't in the color scheme I was looking for, I knew I could incorporate it elsewhere in my home. The only thing better than the price would've been if it had been in "lovely robin's egg blue"! (Notice my beautiful blue kitchen countertops! I never tire of looking at them.)

So, in the words of Walt Disney, it truly is a, "small, small world!" Looking forward to where my travels will take me as I visit all of you on this "Blue Monday". Blessings to you all from Kansas! Valerie


  1. Hi Valerie,
    I LOVE those plates! One of my all-time favourite colours is robin's egg blue and the creamy yellow is gorgeous too. Gorgeous plates! Thanks for sharing and Happy Blue Monday.


  2. Beautiful plate! Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  3. Happy Blue Monday and what a beautiful color - robins egg blue - my favorite. Beautiful finds.

  4. Hi Valerie, your plates are beautiful!!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  5. I love those dishes in either color. And you are right, it really is a small world. :)

  6. Hi Valerie
    Happy Blue Monday .
    Thank you for the trip around the world today.
    I had the best time ever!
    Love the photo of the robins egg blue plate .
    What a fabulous post .
    Thank you for sharing .
    Blessings of joy until we meet again.

  7. Yes it´s so true, the world is very small. At least in cyberspace :-)

  8. What a beautiful plate. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Blue countertops...neat idea.

    Thanks for the pretty plate pictures. They are very nice.

    Happy Monday!

  10. I've seen those plates in the blue, and could kick myself for not buying them when I had the opportunity! Beautiful!! Enjoy yours, Valerie!

  11. You didn't say what the blue plate cost...but I imagine the thrift store one though not blue was a bargain.

    Kathy b

  12. Oh, I love that shade of blue. So soft.

  13. What a coincidence, Valerie! I love both plates, and enjoyed your "trip around the world." I hope you will take us with you when you go to Raised in Cotton.

  14. So cool! I found a dresser tray I've been looking for at our church yard sale this last week. Got it for nothing! SCORE!
    Happy Blue Monday!

  15. Good morning, happy belated pink Saturday and blue Monday. Still making my rounds from Beverly's list and Sally's too. What a lovely blog you have!!! Just love it, and your pretty plates are a wonderful find.

    I'm afraid Ms. MaidenShade doesn't have lovelies like those to share, but I do appreciate them.

    Today I've begun by planting some pole bean, cosmos, nasturtium, and lavendar seeds, and the dreaded weeding.

    Now it is onto saying "thank you" to my blog visitors like you, upgrading my DeStash site, and tomorrow begin re-writing my Faerie Tales and on and on it goes. Yep, I do love to be productive. Talk to you soon, Have a great week,


  16. Valerie,
    I have the same exact gold plate. I bought mine at Marshall’s Superstore a few months ago and just found more I bought Monday. I love their soft color and interesting shape. Cathy

  17. Interesting how something so inexpensive can mean such priceless feelings.

    It is a very pretty plate. That scalloped design is very fetching to my eye, as well.

    Thanks for visiting my BM post!

  18. pretty plates!!
    thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I started with the COUCH to 5K program back in feb or so....I was able to get to 1 mile pretty quickly, but 3 took awhile! it's a great program! hang in there! If i can do 4 miles, you can certainly do it too!!!

  19. Hi Valerie,

    Thank you for stopping by! It means so much! I love your plate and I think it was a good deal. No matter what, if you are happy, that is what matters. How are yall doing? All is well here!

    I love the story you shared with me about the adoption day celebration. We celebrate Gotcha DAy (thanks to a friend), and we celebrate A Day! (Adoption day). And the reason we do the gotcha day, is because if you have a child that is in the system and kids that are already adopted, the foster children feel left out. So that lead to both the gotcha and A day celebrations. We do things a little different in each, but both are super special!! Thank you so much!!

    Do yall have big plans for this weekend? We are heading out of town. I can't wait! It's our familly reunion and I get to spend some time with my sister. So I am delighted.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  20. Hello I'm still making my Blue Monday visits. Beautiful plates!
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  21. I LOVE those plates too...almost as much as your song! Thank you so much for leaving your creativity....TWINKLE TWINKLE!


  22. WAY cute! Those plates are awesome and just so you know, you DID get a good deal. :)


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