Friday, May 15, 2009

Teacher Appreciation/Last Day of Preschool Gifts

Today was Mary's last day of preschool. To show our appreciation for all that the preschool directors, classroom teachers, and teacher aides did to make Mary's first year of school a positive experience, we put together these tiny bud vases. Mary chose the ribbons and picked out the roses. Mommy did the assembling borrowing from our vast jelly/mason jar collection in storage. They turned out so sweet and yet were so simple to put together. Mary was really proud to present them to each of her teachers. Now, on to the business of summer!

We started with a simple bouquet of red roses.

Cut down the stems and placed in jelly jars adding some decorative ribbon.

Voila! Tiny, homemade bud vases.

Mary with Miss Jessica. And yes, Mary is holding her "diploma" upside down. Good thing we're doing pre-k instead of "k" next year. LOL

Miss Jessica holding Mary's gift.

After a celebratory Happy Meal, Mary gives the big thumbs up because Schools out for Summer!


  1. Those rose bud vases are beautiful and what a great (and economical) idea!! Love the upside-down diploma! lol

  2. what great and fun photos! love the upside down diploma! thank you for the lovely post on my blog! I really appreciate it!!! I am glad i found your blog!

  3. What a thoughtful idea!
    I bet the teaches loved it...the photos are precious. Have a great weekend...Blessings..julie

  4. oooh what a sweet idea...thank you thank you thank you for stoppin by my sweet place...i LOVE! your sweet desk and chair...what a amazing way to remember your loved ones...and i love how you decorated the black! and girl what a lovely home you have...sweet bliss...blessing

  5. What a great idea, maybe my niece can do this for her teacher. She still has another month to go and believe it of not is NOT looking forward to it. Strange child, but we love her!

  6. Wow, this post brought back some loving memories of when I was a preschool teacher at Kindercare. I worked there for eleven years and I have every gift I was given by my childrens and their parents. Believe me when I aay that we never forgot the children that passed through our doors.

    Deanna :D

  7. Oh my! Isn't Mary just the most precious!!! I love her upside down diploma! The gifts are awesome! Very pretty and fun!
    Hugs and Blessings,


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