Saturday, June 18, 2011

Precious Baby...9-Months!

My little man is now actually closer to 10 1/2 months...*sigh*.

Thought I would share our latest pics from Target Photo Studio.  Luke did not want to cooperate.  I don't remember my other two being so scared at 9-month pictures, but perhaps I've just forgotten!

(We still do not have a scanner, so I had to "photograph" my studio portraits.  Silly me!)

Luke's blue eyes

So thankful this Father's Day weekend for all our many blessings!

Sweet feet!
Love his expression!

Love these Sepia toned pics!
Group shots...lots of tears from Luke!
Three months (frame) and Nine months (chair)

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!  ~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Minute Father's Day Idea

So, if you really know me, then you know that I am always running late! Late to appointments...late to purchase birthday cards...late to have children... :) (Like they say, "better late than never!" Our motto in the Kueter household for sure!)

So, I came across this great blog that was featuring last minute Father's Day gift ideas. One in particular caught my eye, and I must say, turned out rather well!

Here's my take on a Father's Day photo collage...

For your "photo shoot" you will need...
  • Career Props
  • 1-Hour Photo Lab or Previously Printed Pics
  • Frame
Since our daddy is a fire fighter, I went with retired helmet, fire boots, uniform shirt.

I photographed the kiddos outside against our newly painted white clapboard siding.

Purchased photos on-line through Target/Shutterfly 1-Hour processing.  Purchased frame at Target, too!

Now for the finished product....
For the "daddy" that's not a fire fighter the possibilities are endless...

Farmer about hay bales, seed packets, cowboy hat/boots?
Lawyer/Judge Dad...stack of law books, gavel, suit coat?
Business Dad...suit coat, tie, briefcase?
Automotive Mechanic Dad...uniform shirt, work gloves, wrench?
Doctor/Nurse Dad...lab coat, stethoscope, rubber gloves (use non-latex to be safe!)?

I think you get the idea!

Here are some pics that didn't quite make the cut!  Still, they're cute and I will probably put them into a little album for the daddy to keep on his desk at work.

I also did a series of bathtub photos that turned out really cute!  Stay tuned for those in an upcoming post.

Our daddy gets a double celebration this weekend...birthday #44 tomorrow and then Father's Day on Sunday!  (He was born on Father's Day in 1967.  What  a wonderful gift for a 1st time father-in-law Gary who shares a birthday with my son Benjamin!)

For other fabulous "last minute Father's Day gifts" for the men in our lives who definitely  do not take LAST place, check out Nest of Posies.

By the way...I know I've been quiet here lately.  I've been busy blogging over at Chasing Camellias.  Feel free to drop by and visit me other there...we're beginning to make some big changes for a future move in our lives!  We're very excited!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Tom Sawyer

Huck Finn: You're the best friend I ever had, Jim.
Jim: You're the only friend I ever had... 
-From The Adventures of Huck Finn

To celebrate the end of the school year (last week), my girlfriend, Erin, and I took our kiddos to the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas.  This turn of the century farmstead is FREE during the work week!  Woo Who!    Our kids had a blast, even though they've all been there dozens of times.  (It's so large that you can divide up farmstead and concentrate on different sections on different visits.)
Watcha lookin at Tom...?

Just a rock, Huck.  I'm gonna try and "skip" it!

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn...aka Ben and Sam.

With all there was to do at the Farmstead...throwing rocks was their favorite!
 How did you start off your Summer?