Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three Years Ago Tonight...

Three years ago, tonight, my parents snapped this picture of my little family of four. We were preparing to meet the newest member of our family bright and early the next morning. Can't believe my "baby" is THREE!

Luke keeps looking at this picture and asking where he is.  With no more babies...he isn't understanding the concept of "in utero" the way the older two did!  :)

Looking forward to celebrating with the birthday boy tomorrow!



Friday, July 26, 2013

St. Anne...Full of Grace...Pray for Us!

These next few weeks find me busier than most except maybe those weeks of Advent leading up to our Savior's birth. With two children's birthdays in 5 days,"back to school" preparations to be made, and out of town guests that visit to celebrate the birthday children, the last week of July and first weeks of August become a whirlwind of activity.

So, today, on the feast of St. Anne, it seems especially appropriate to stop, slow down, and offer up my household chores to the grandchild of St. Anne...Jesus.  Although I often think about what it would be like to be Mother to Jesus...I tend to forget he had a grandmother too!  Good St. Anne...chosen to carry and bear the Mother of Jesus.  Did she know the significance of her daughter's birth...

Looking for inspiration to help you celebrate St. Anne's Feast Day?  Why not visit Elizabeth Foss' "In the Heart of My Home"?  She never fails to touch my heart with her words.  And Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda has a sweet treat of a post, too.

Looking for more information on the life of St. Anne, read here!

Oh, dear St. Anne...full of GRACE...pray for us.

(I so want this book (pictured above) for our home collection.)  Find it here.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feast of St. Anne (Parents Prayer)

Good afternoon, Friends!

Just a few hours ago, my sister and nephews left after a fun visit here in Kansas City.  We ate, drank, and explored new places to play in the metro.  So much fun...4 boys and 1 little lady.  Pics to come.

As I prepare to hold my first PTO meeting this evening (I'm President! eeek...this was in the works long before I accepted my new teaching position), I thought I would share with you this lovely prayer to St. Anne.  Her feast day is coming up...celebrated on July 26th.  She is the patron saint of Christian mothers and homemakers everywhere!  I know I can always use her intercession!  :)

I am sharing this prayer, as well as giving each PTO board member a lovely Saint Anne holy card, as my thank you for their participation this school year.

I hope you, too, enjoy this beautiful prayer.



Parents Prayer to St. Anne

We call upon you, dear St. Anne, for
help in bringing up our family in good
and godly ways.  Teach us to trust God
our Father as we rear the precious
heritage entrusted to us.  May His will
prevail in our lives and His providence
defend us.  These blessings we ask for
all families in our neighborhood, our 
country, and our world.  Amen.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Martha Versus Mary...I Think I Can...and Bloglovin

Good Monday Morning Friends! I hope you had a great weekend.

I have been terribly remiss in posting over here at her Little Ways.  For that I apologize...if only to my family and few friends that read here!  My plan is to post less frequently, but with some deeper thoughts to share.

As I make a return to the classroom this Fall, I was struck by how applicable this Sunday's Gospel message (Luke 10:38-42) was to me in my life.  I think we can all relate to getting caught up in the Martha-ness of life while neglecting our inner Mary!  (More on Martha Versus Mary in a future post!)  This can be especially true for me in the classroom!

Which brings me to my next point...

...I have been blogging over at my new education blog,  I Think I Can...I Think I Can...  I created this blog in hopes of better utilizing technology in the classroom, but also as a means to getting caught up when it comes to education issues that effect public/private/parochial teachers.  (You wouldn't believe how significant it  is to be gone five years from the education world!)

While you may be a home educator, I hope that you will still drop by to say hello, share some nuggets of educational/parenting wisdom, and perhaps learn about a new teaching technique or method.  I will be working with Kindergarten through Eighth Graders, (including a kiddo with autism in kindergarten) and I will have a steep learning curve for sure, but I'm certain I will have lots of ideas to share as well.

(Oh, and I actually PAID someone to create my blog template for "I Think I Can"!  I'm just giddy with excitement over how well it turned out.  It's only a kit...not a custom design...but I got a lot of bang for my buck and couldn't be happier with it!  Below is my new blog button.)

  I Think I Can I Think I Can

And while it appears that I have no followers at all (LOL...I don't via Google Friend Connect), I am slowly gaining a following via Bloglovin (seems the teacher bloggers really like this reader connection).

Follow on Bloglovin

I invite you to join me via either Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin and hope to connect with you soon.

Finally, I hope to get the rest of my vacation pics posted soon.  I did do one long post (mostly pictures) over at I Think I Can... So if you're just dying to see the rest of our vacation pics you can hop over there!  

So there you have it...a whole lot of Martha-ness which I hope allows me to start being a better Mary...visiting your blogs...posting deeper thoughts less frequently...and finding balance in my home, work, and prayer life.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Great Escape to South Florida (Vacation Days 1, 2, & 3)

We had such a fun vacation this summer!  Typically, we travel to the Gulf Coast (Alabama/Florida) for our summer trip, but this year we had an opportunity to experience the Atlantic coast of Florida and it was a trip we couldn't pass up.

We left bright and early on a Friday morning.  Lovies, pillows, reading materials..check!

Our first major city to pass hometown of St. Louis.  Love this place!  I never tire of seeing the giant silver Arch as we drive through downtown.  My kids have never experienced going up to the top...I think they're ready.  You know it moves with the wind, right?!

We took a potty break/lunch break in the "famous" city of Metropolis, IL just before we crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky.  Let's just say, they're not shy about their love for Superman!

We finally arrived at our destination, Shelbyville, TN (just south of Nashville).  There we spent the night with our dear friend and former Kansas City neighbor, Miss Sheila.  Sheila was like a surrogate grandmother to my kiddos and often kept Mary Catherine when I was still working full-time and daycare was closed.  We love you and miss you, Miss Sheila!

Day 2 of our trip found us making a short drive south to the Tennessee/Alabama border.  We stayed overnight to visit friends from Hunstville, AL that recently relocated to Fayetteville, TN.

Our kids had a ball spending the night on a real working farm.  Doesn't take much to make these kids happy...just feeding the cows and having the run of 80 acres of forest and soybean fields.  Target shooting, compound bows, slip and slides and tractor rides rounded out the evening.

We snapped these cute pics of the littles on the trailer the morning of Day 3.

After a huge breakfast including homemade biscuits and gravy, grits, hash, scrambled eggs, and bacon we were off to Florida.  A horrible rainstorm and 5-lanes of backed-up-at-a-stand-still traffic in Atlanta delayed our arrival to Florida. Day/Night 3 found us camped out just past the Florida border in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area.

Would we ever get to South Florida?!!!


Monday, July 15, 2013

American Girl/American Boy

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tonight, we are celebrating Father's Day by taking daddy to the Kansas City T-Bones game (our minor league baseball team).  Should be fun, especially since we're enjoying some cooler temperatures.  (We're sitting along the first base line so the sun will be in our eyes, at least until 7th inning stretch!)

Anywhooo, I'm in the middle of a half-dozen home decorating projects (at least it feels that way) and that's what has been keeping me away from blogging. I don't know about you, but I can't function amid chaos, and chaos is what we've been living amongst!  Things are slowly falling back into place as we have done some major bedroom makeovers (yes, that's plural).  I can't wait to share with you Mary's new bedroom and my new master bedroom.   Just a few more things to add and they'll be ready to share!

So, at the end of June I was trying to pack, finish up softball/t-ball season with the older two, and wrap up swim lessons.  It felt like we ran from morning until night, but the kids weren't complaining!

Mary's softball season went into July, but we already had vacation scheduled (in January!) and so she had to miss her last game. I snapped a couple of pics at her "last" game.  Mary and Ben play parks and rec fancy uniforms, no expensive fees ($35 per kid!  Score), and we play locally or against other one-stop light towns.  Mary's last game was in Wellsville, KS.  I didn't even know where that was...thank goodness for Garmin!  Anyway, she played ball among the wheat fields and hay bales of Kansas.

The night before we left for vacation, Ben had his last t-ball game.  He was excited to actually get his medal and celebrate with cupcakes and watermelon.

As if packing and t-balling weren't enough, Mary Catherine had her heart set on getting a new American Girl Doll.  Mary has been wanting Saige since she debuted.  I told her a year ago that she would have to save for Saige and buy her with her own money.  So she did!  It took her nearly a year to save the $110 necessary, but she did it.  Here she is purchasing Saige at the Kansas City American Girl Doll Store the day before we left for vacation.

Personally, I would have found it hard to part with 110 American dollar bills for a doll, but not this girl!  She somehow acquired her Mimi's (grandmother) love for shopping and so, as you can see in the photo below, she had enough dollars left over to buy the coordinating child-size bracelet that matched Saige's belt.

All this excitement and we hadn't even left for vacation!

And for those of you curious as to what Mary's new bedroom looks like...I leave you with a sneak peek (blurry iphone pic)...(color is aqua)

Promise to be back tomorrow with Day 1 vacation pics.