Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feast of St. Anne (Parents Prayer)

Good afternoon, Friends!

Just a few hours ago, my sister and nephews left after a fun visit here in Kansas City.  We ate, drank, and explored new places to play in the metro.  So much fun...4 boys and 1 little lady.  Pics to come.

As I prepare to hold my first PTO meeting this evening (I'm President! eeek...this was in the works long before I accepted my new teaching position), I thought I would share with you this lovely prayer to St. Anne.  Her feast day is coming up...celebrated on July 26th.  She is the patron saint of Christian mothers and homemakers everywhere!  I know I can always use her intercession!  :)

I am sharing this prayer, as well as giving each PTO board member a lovely Saint Anne holy card, as my thank you for their participation this school year.

I hope you, too, enjoy this beautiful prayer.



Parents Prayer to St. Anne

We call upon you, dear St. Anne, for
help in bringing up our family in good
and godly ways.  Teach us to trust God
our Father as we rear the precious
heritage entrusted to us.  May His will
prevail in our lives and His providence
defend us.  These blessings we ask for
all families in our neighborhood, our 
country, and our world.  Amen.


  1. This prayer to St. Anne is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Hoping your meeting goes well...and thanks for the lovely prayer! : )

  3. A beautiful prayer indeed, Valerie. I'm sure the meeting went well :)

  4. So happy to hear you;re enjoying family visits! We drove thru KC on our way to the Pacific coast this summer! We sang "Kansas City" from Oklahoma the whole way!
    Thanks for the scoop on St Anne....bad catholic that I am, I did not know that her feast day was tmrw.
    Thank God for my bloggy/online friends...they keep me on top of things!
    Be well...see you soon!

  5. We are so much a like. My sister and her family have been here visiting. They left on Wednesday after we spent oodles of time having fun with our children.
    Congratulations, on the job and PTO! You are going to be one busy momma.

    The prayer touched my heart this morning. Thanks.


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