Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Great Escape to South Florida (Vacation Days 1, 2, & 3)

We had such a fun vacation this summer!  Typically, we travel to the Gulf Coast (Alabama/Florida) for our summer trip, but this year we had an opportunity to experience the Atlantic coast of Florida and it was a trip we couldn't pass up.

We left bright and early on a Friday morning.  Lovies, pillows, reading materials..check!

Our first major city to pass hometown of St. Louis.  Love this place!  I never tire of seeing the giant silver Arch as we drive through downtown.  My kids have never experienced going up to the top...I think they're ready.  You know it moves with the wind, right?!

We took a potty break/lunch break in the "famous" city of Metropolis, IL just before we crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky.  Let's just say, they're not shy about their love for Superman!

We finally arrived at our destination, Shelbyville, TN (just south of Nashville).  There we spent the night with our dear friend and former Kansas City neighbor, Miss Sheila.  Sheila was like a surrogate grandmother to my kiddos and often kept Mary Catherine when I was still working full-time and daycare was closed.  We love you and miss you, Miss Sheila!

Day 2 of our trip found us making a short drive south to the Tennessee/Alabama border.  We stayed overnight to visit friends from Hunstville, AL that recently relocated to Fayetteville, TN.

Our kids had a ball spending the night on a real working farm.  Doesn't take much to make these kids happy...just feeding the cows and having the run of 80 acres of forest and soybean fields.  Target shooting, compound bows, slip and slides and tractor rides rounded out the evening.

We snapped these cute pics of the littles on the trailer the morning of Day 3.

After a huge breakfast including homemade biscuits and gravy, grits, hash, scrambled eggs, and bacon we were off to Florida.  A horrible rainstorm and 5-lanes of backed-up-at-a-stand-still traffic in Atlanta delayed our arrival to Florida. Day/Night 3 found us camped out just past the Florida border in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area.

Would we ever get to South Florida?!!!



  1. Awesome that you were able to break it up and visit friends along the way. We usually do that when we drive back up to northern Illinois. I love the pics of that farm!!

  2. There's always got to be a traffic delay when driving on vacation. Looks
    like the kids had a ball.


  3. So loved following along with you, Val! So great you could break it up with visits and friends. I loved all the photos and am waiting for more! : )

  4. I enjoyed your photos. You have beautiful children!

  5. I need to know how many hours you were in the car...we are planning a looooong trip from MA to IN in August and I am sorta kinda dreading it :)


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