Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sea Calls to Me

Two thousand nine hundred and eighty miles (2,980) on the family minivan... 

...three hundred plus (300+) pictures to download... 

...loads of laundry, grocery shopping, and house cleaning to do...

...but it was all worth it to capture this...

We've just returned from a 12-day vacation to South Florida (Port St. Lucie area) where we ate, drank, and sunbathed our way to happiness.  Nearly two full weeks of uninterrupted family time made this mama happy.happy.happy.

So many experiences to get documented and shared on the family blog, but with a to-do list a mile long I have to prioritize...and my kids are demanding food and clean underwear.  :)

But aren't these pictures just precious???!!!  Nothing sweeter than sun-kissed towheads on the beach!

The sea, 

once it casts its spell, 

holds one in its net of wonder forever.

~Jacques Yves Cousteau~



  1. Fabulous pictures and I'm sure it was an equally fabulous time. Memories to last forever. Some of my best memories are family vacations on the shore.

  2. Nothing quite like days spent as a family watching the waves, Val! So happy for you all and love the pictures!

    Enjoy being back home with all those memories in your heart. : )

  3. I'm SO THRILLED for you! There's nothing quite like a beach vacation, is there! Looking forward to seeing all those beautiful pictures and to hear some of the stories. Good to see you back, safe and sound!

  4. oh to get away with my family for 12 days !!! ahhhh that would be joy !! and on a beach !! how wonderful for you Valerie. You must feel refreshed and renewed from all that beautiful sun and sand and breeze !! can't wait to see more beautiful pictures.

  5. Wow, so much fun.

    So fresh faced.



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