Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I love to Blog/Happy May Day

I began blogging purely by accident. While researching ear tube surgery on toddlers via the net, I discovered a family blog that had posted a picture of their little boy after his surgery. This little guy was the same age as my son and was absolutely adorable. So was his mommy's blog. Thus began my life as a blog "stalker"!

But then I got to thinking, "Hmmmm, what a great way to share with my parents and siblings (out of state) all of the exciting and mundane things that our little family of four is up to." Thus, the creation of From Our Front Porch Looking In. It has been an evolutionary process; my blog has changed and grown as my blogging skills and etiquette repertoire have expanded.

I have been blogging right at 6-months and absolutely love it. Why, you ask? There are many reasons, but basically I can sum it up with the following:

1. Blogging allows me to stay connected with family and friends that live out of town. (Not every post is exciting, but each is authentic and from the heart.)

2. Blogging provides an outlet for creative expression. (I was so intrigued by the beautiful blogs that I visited and that were designed by the authors that I took up the hobby of digital scrapbooking and, thus, created my own personal blog background design.)

3. Although I love to write, (and have been "writing" from the time I could manipulate a pencil) I have never been one to "journal". Blogging has allowed me to journal (those exciting and mundane life experiences) in a format that allows for immediate "publication" and is archivable (is that a word?). I love adding photos and images to support the text and convey my message, but what I love even more is going back through my archives and revisiting things that we did as a family.

The "Exciting". Mary Catherine getting to pose with Glinda the Good Witch at Kansas City's 70 Years of Oz Oh My exhibit.

The "Mundane". Mommy dragging the little ones to yet another lawn and garden show. This one was held at a locally family-operated farm, the Zimmerman Kill Creek Barn.

4. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! Need I say more? (I love the visual stimulation that other blogs provide! I love peeking into the lives of others to see how they decorate their homes, parent their kiddos, view world politics, and hone their crafts. I love getting to see how and where others live around our great country and this world.)

5. And finally, I get to brag about my two greatest blessings, Mary & Ben. I am an in vitro mommy and right now, at this point in my life, parenting is the greatest job I've had. And believe me, I've had some really great jobs in the almost-20 year years since I graduated from college. What have I done you ask? Well, after getting a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, I went on to work for a United States Senator, a local County Prosecutor, and as a fundraiser for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. After returning to college and obtaining a teaching certificate and Master's Degree in education, I spent the last seven years teaching delightfully precocious 8 & 9-year old third graders. I can honestly say that the Mommy-title is the sweetest I have ever held. I thank God every morning and every night for choosing me to be Mary and Ben's mommy and for allowing me to experience parenthood.

Blessing #1 (the in vitro baby) on St. Patrick's Day.

Blessing #2 (the "bonus" baby) at a family gathering. Future NFL-er?

Blessings #1 & #2 showing some sibling love on Easter Sunday.

So, now you know Why I Love to Blog! If you are curious as to why other people love to blog, please visit Joy over at Cupids Charm. Joy's blog is absolutely beautiful and she is hosting a blogging party celebrating the art and love of blogging. I know that I can't wait to check out the links of all the other inspiring bloggers out there.

And by the way...Happy May Day! May the gods of fertility and abundance shine down on us all whether we are growing children or gardens this fine spring season!

Image borrowed from American Daughter


  1. Great blog today! It´s always fun to read why others like to blog. I started when I had a gardencenter and then I wrote about what happened there, good, bad and funny things. Like what not to say to customers :-)
    Have a great first day of May now!

  2. Beautiful "Blessings" you have there. I love to blog mainly to write down my memories, while I still remember many thoughts and memories fade as we age.

  3. Sounds like you started much as I did--a way to communicate with family and friends. Then you discovered a whole new world out there. It's fun, isn't it!

  4. Hello,

    Blogging is so great!
    Love your post and your cute little people!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog. So nice to be able to meet perfect strangers through our blog world.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. It's been so much fun to read about why other's love to blog! I enjoyed reading your post and your photos are adorable. Happy May 1st.

  7. Great post today. It was fun to read about why you love blogging. have a beautiful blog!

  8. Your kids are so beautiful! And I am so envious of the Wizard of Oz festival...

  9. Awww! What a great post! I love reading why others love blogging! Your little blessings are just beautiful! I hope yall have a wonderful and happy weekend! Hugs and Blessings,

  10. Valerie, you WON the rooster apron in my giveaway! Congratulations! Email me your address when you get a chance and I will get that out to you! (
    Happy May day!

  11. great post today!
    happy blogging to you...and have a wonderful weekend.

  12. That is a great list of reasons we all blog, and a good reminder. Thanks!

  13. Great post. I think we all love a lot of the same things about blogging. The little ones just keep getting cuter and cuter. Have a great day!

  14. You certainly ARE blessed. The St. Patrick's Day pictures are darling.
    Isn't it amazing how many people have gotten hooked on blogging who never thought they would.
    Happy Blog Party Day!

  15. Happy Blog Party! Nice to meet you~
    Lovely children :)

  16. Loved reading your blog and getting to know you! ~Stacy~

  17. What a wonderful, heartfelt post you wrote on why you love blogging. My sentiments exactly! I'm glad I stopped by and will visit often!

  18. What a beautiful family! Isn't blogging a great way to connect?


  19. Happy May Day and beautiful blogging day!!!!! I love your reasons to love blogging. Your children are beautiful blessings.....I remember when I first had my twins I used to love just staring at them in amazement. They surely are the best gifts in the world!!!

  20. Hi Valerie!
    Yes, your words about blogging sum it up for me too!
    Your two little blessings are soooo cute!
    It was so nice visiting!!!!
    everything vintage

  21. Awesome post... You hit the reasons so well!! Love your blog. Yeah, come back any time... I'm a midwesterner too!!!

  22. you have some very very very very beautiful kids, and all i can say i congratulations to you

  23. You blog is beautiful! You've really done a beautiful job designing it yourself. Sorry I showed up late to the party, but I got a late start and had to leave before "meeting" everyone. Your children are beautiful and like me, it is obvious, they are your treasures. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog and love your heartfelt reasons for blogging. P.S. as I wished everyone a happy May Day yesterday I kept picturing a May Day pole and was so delighted to see the image you had posted of the beautiful May Day pole. I look forward to returning to your blog to spend more time catching up on your beginning. Please stop by and visit my blogs any time. Happy Scrapbooking Day!

  24. do you know about eardoc? it is a non invasive medical device to open the Eustachian tube.

  25. Happy belated May Day, Valerie. Loved reading you post about blog loving! ;)


  26. It is always interesting to find out why other blog -- always enjoy visiting.

  27. Hello Valerie! I wanted to stop by and thank you for participating in the Beautiful Blogging Party!! I hope you enjoyed the event and also enjoyed meetings lots of new bloggers. Have a beautiful week ~ Joy


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