Sunday, January 25, 2009

Musical Blues

Okay, just in case you are wondering, YES, I did remove the music from our family blog.

I loved first.

But, as the months went by and I got better (and quicker) about posting, uploading photos, etc. the music was driving me bonkers (and probably you too)! Not only does it increase the amount of time necessary to open pages, but I figured if family and friends were wanting to lurk while at places of employment (hey, we can't all be retired or staying at home) your fellow co-workers may not have the same appreciation for my music selections as I do!

So...feel free to lurk while at work...your boss will never know!

Friday, January 23, 2009


This morning, while dropping Mary off at preschool, one of her classmates commented about her cheeks.

As I was hanging up Mary's coat, Mary was busy getting herself a chair to sit in. This little girl (maybe 5) comes up to me and says (in a tone of voice that only a female can possess), "Why does she have such big cheeks?" I was dumbfounded. I mean, being a teacher I know how cruel kids can be, but I would never have suspected that pointing out one's differences started as young as 4 or 5.

I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. A few months back, Mary commented for the first time about the color of a person's skin. The difference, though, was that my daughter was asking an insightful question, not passing judgement. She matter-of-factly stated that the man's skin looked like a color in her crayon box, but she never insinuated that there was anything wrong with his skin color.

Speaking of skin...I really hope that my daughter has tougher skin than I do as this whole parenting/school thing is really going to break my heart!

P.S. We think big cheeks are BEAUTIFUL!!!


Yesterday, the kiddos and I enjoyed an unseasonably warm January day. With highs in the mid-60s, we HAD to take advantage of the sunshine and spend the majority of our day outside! The kids climbed, dug and swung to their hearts content.

While digging around in the grass, our artistic, nature-loving daughter discovered moss. She was absolutely fascinated! She kept running her fingers over the smooth moss-covered stones and finally said, "Mom, it feels just like dog fur...only dogs aren't green." So perceptive, LOL!

We were disappointed by the weather gods when we woke up this morning to temperatures in the mid-20s with expected highs to only be in the low 30s. Yuck...what a teaser! We sure hope Spring comes soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tea Party

Mary was invited by a classmate to attend a tea party on Saturday afternoon. The little hostess' grandmother went all out with a beautiful table setting, finger/tea sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes. Of course there was juice served in beautiful tea pots! All of the little girls showed up in their best dresses looking just like Fancy Nancy. It was so sweet. In addition to enjoying the finger foods, the girls played games and started an impromptu band. That's Mary on squeeze box!

Friday, January 16, 2009

NieNie is Back

Those of you that are closest to me, know that I have become addicted to the blogging world! There are lots of blogs out there, but the particular blogs that I read and follow are family centered or focused on doing crafty things (digital scrapbooking, making cupcakes, home decorating, etc.)

In the Fall, as I was lurking on other blogs (as I know people do to mine) I kept seeing these "I read Nie Nie" buttons. At first, I just ignored them. But then, an odd thing happened. I saw this segment on the Today show about a woman who, along with her husband and his flight instructor, were involved in a private plane crash. Stephanie Nielson (NieNie) was burned over 80% over her body, her husband over 35%, and their beloved flight instructor was killed.

When the segment aired it showed the most remarkable extended family who had rallied around their sister and brother-in-law to be at their side and "adopt" their 4 young children. All of a sudden it clicked, the "I read Nie Nie" button was about reading Stephanie Nielson's blog, which had already developed quite a following even before the horrific plane crash.

Since that time, bloggers have rallied around this most crafty, organic, amazing mother who wears her faith on her sleeve. Nie Nie is Mormon. She professes a deep faith in God, family and the simple things in life. In a way, I feel like she does for stay at home moms what Martha Stewart did for home decorating in the 90s! Nie Nie makes me want to be a better Catholic, a better wife, a better mother. In general, a better person.

So, to all of you who are wondering, why I have an "I read Nie Nie" button on my you know. Go ahead. Click on it. Delve into her archives and be prepared to be touched by a most amazingly strong and peaceful spirit among us bloggers.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Introducing the next American Idol Winner in 2025

So, what to do on a cold midwestern day with wind advisories and below zero temps...break out the karaoke machine!

Mimi and Papa actually bought the karaoke machine as a gift for Mary on her 4th birthday. While Mary loves performing with it, it appears that Benjamin does as well.

Since this can cause some sibling angst, Mommy tries to provide individual opportunities for each kiddo to use the machine and sing to their little heart's content. Today was Benjamin's day as Mary was at preschool.
Ladies and Gentlemen...I present to you the next American Idol winner in the year 2025!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dear Daddy, Part 2

Dear Daddy,

Benjamin and I really miss you! So does Mommy. We heard a song on the radio this afternoon while driving to Wal-Mart. It was Home by Michael Buble. Mommy says that you miss us as much as we miss you. If you have a chance, listen to the song. Mommy says it is on the playlist at the bottom of our blog.

When we were at Wal-Mart, I asked Mommy if I could use her camera. She taught me how to look thru the view finder and push the button on top. I took lots of pictures while we did our grocery shopping. Mommy says that they are pretty good since it was the first time I ever used a camera.

Do these pictures make you want to come home?

We love you and are sending you a care package on Monday! It is filled with lots of hugs and KISSES.

Good night, Daddy!

Mary Catherine

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy,

We MISS you so much! We know that you are having a great time out at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland, but we want you back at home. Mommy says that you have another week of school. We really miss doing "big eyes" and "who's crazy?" and "rocket rides" with you up the stairs. Mommy says that we have been very good.

Mommy's friend, Shannon, came to visit this week. Benjamin and I have been very busy entertatining her with blocks, puzzles, playing dinosaurs, and watching Sleeping Beauty. She is more fun than Mommy who always seems to be doing dishes, laundry, or vacuuming.

Today, we took Shannon to Weston, MO for a little antiquing. Mommy told us, "no touching, only use your eyes". Benjamin would not listen and had to leave the store with Mommy. Because I am such a big girl, I got to stay in the stores and shop with Shannon!

After shopping, we went to have a late lunch at O'Malleys Irish Pub. Mommy took some pictures of us and convinced our waitress to do the same.
Do you miss us? We are counting down the days until you come home.


Mary Catherine

P.S. Today was Show-n-Tell at preschool. Our theme was snow and Mommy let me take my new snow globe that Grandma Kueter gave me at Christmas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Haircuts

To ring in the New Year, we took Mary and Ben for haircuts. This was a basic trim for Mary, but it was Benjamin's first haircut. (Yes, I know he is 2, but our kids have so little hair!!!) He was such a big boy (notice the bribery with a lollipop). Of course I saved those precious curls they cut off the back, but guess what...they're baaaack! In fact, the back of his hair seems even curlier now that it has been cropped tight to his scalp. Cutting off that length helped it to curl up! Anyway, just wanted to post some pictures of our little man and his "big boy" haircut. There are some before and after pics.