Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can't They Just Wear Their Coats?

I'm sure the humor of this situation will be lost on many, but...

Got a phone call from my kiddos' principal yesterday afternoon. The conversation went like this...

Principal:  Hi, Valerie.  This is Tanya.

Me:  Hi!  What's going on?

Principal:  Well, the boiler went down at school and there's no heat.  (pregnant pause)

Me: I need to bundle my kids up in layers...or...are you telling me there's no school tomorrow?

Principal:  Unfortunately, there's no school tomorrow.

Me:  Are you sure?  Because this is Catholic school, right?  I mean, I remember many a time I had to wear my winter coat in class because the boiler wasn't working right at my Catholic school.

Principal (laughs out loud):  Do you know how many parents asked me that exact same question?

Me:  Yup, and I bet all of them attended Catholic school, too!  We're a different breed!

My Laundry/Mud Room.

In desperate need of a makeover.

I've got lots of ideas swirling around in my head since I've been watching so much daytime TV.

Seriously.  My kids NEED to go back to school

If we were a homeschooling family, we would have been educating ourselves.

But were not.

And thus, lots of brain cells have been dying...fighting/bickering has been trying...and I'm all off schedule!

Looking forward to the return of normalcy, tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That Groundhog Lied!

Not complaining.


I've enjoyed the beauty of our Winter Wonderland from Monday night/Tuesday morning's snow storm...

(View From My Front Porch)

(My poor Magnolia tree... not liking this one bit!)

(View off of our back porch)

(Neighbor's house across the street.)

...and my kids are loving being off of school...AGAIN.  Snow Day #4.  (I don't think they understand that the will have to make these days up!)

(Thanks, Auntie Joy, for the Snow Boogie!)

(This sled is from L.L. Bean.  It's been to Colorado...twice!)

But seriously...that groundhog lied!



Typical Midwestern Driver...

Typical Midwestern (southern Plains!) driver...

When will they learn???!!!

The COZY COUPE is merely a Sport Utility Vehicle.  It is not really meant to go off-road.

Better start pushing your way out of that snow drift!

We've been having snow much fun here in KC!  More than a seasons worth of snow in two back to back storms!  The City's received over 25 inches in 7 days.  We typically get 18 inches over an entire Winter.  Looks like a few cold days ahead, but then the warm up (and the melting) begins!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

4-H Sewing, House Transformations, and The Transfiguration

Just a quick post!

Mary Catherine and I have Sewing Club this afternoon with our 4-H group.  This month's project is a tote bag...

here's what we are making!

Unbeknownst to most of you, I got a wild streak in me and started a different blog in December.  I have no idea why.  Regardless, I haven't kept up with both blogs and instead, decided to put my time and energy into her Little Ways.  The only reason I bring up my other blog is because I posted a ton of photos there sharing what I made for each of my kiddos' classroom teachers for Christmas.  So, I apologize to the few of you that have already seen these pics.

I think I should be able to help Mary Catherine quite a bit with the "tote bag" project!  LOL

These tote bags were super easy to make and turned out really cute. I just used printed duck cloth from Hobby Lobby which helped to make them stiffer and more durable. We gave the orange bubble print to Ben's kindergarten teacher.  The red chevron went to Mary's 1st Grade Job Share Teacher and the pink and green paisley to her 2nd Grade Homeroom/Job Share Teacher.  If you would like the link to the tote bag tutorial, just let me know.  I will gladly repost.

Lots of other big changes happening around the house.  Hubby is off picking up some new furniture as I type.  Can't wait to show you my family room and formal living room transformation!

And speaking of transformations, our parish is building a new church.  Hubby and I were on the Capital Campaign Drive last Fall and it was extremely successful!  (We live in such a generous parish. We far exceeded our $1 Million Dollar Pledge Drive and we are a tiny farming community!)

Anyway, today's homily was actually presented by the architect representing the firm out of Denver, CO that received the Archdiocesan contract.  Adam, the architect, did a beautiful job connecting his talk with today's Gospel reading.  I loved how he shared that when we enter into a sacred place it should first and foremost, glorify God, but it should also help to sanctify us...the body of Christ.  He shared that the iconography of a church should allow the eyes to rest, but remain focused on the truths of Christianity...that when we cross the threshold we immediately sense that we are entering a holy and spiritual place designed to offer refuge from the outside world.  That the space should lift us vertically...helping us reach upwards towards the Heavens and God. That we should be transfigured by the space!!!

I guess with all the hustle and bustle in this crazy world, Adam's message just really resonated with me this morning.  I've been craving quiet and peace more and more.

Blessings this Sunday afternoon,


Friday, February 22, 2013

4-H Dance Team "Growin' Up Like That" Pics

Over President's Day weekend, Mary and Benjamin's 4-H club participated in "Johnson County Club Days".

Mary signed up to be on the Competition Dance Team.

Dancing since age three, she's only participated in tap and ballet, so country line dancing was a totally new experience for her. At age 8 and the youngest on the dance team, she did great learning all of the steps.

I don't have a lot of still pictures as I was also trying to manage the iPad to take video. Still trying to figure out how to transfer/download the video off the iPad onto my computer. I'm a technology Luddite! As soon as I can figure it out I will share.

Below, is the Rodney Atkins song the team used for performance.

Sharing nervous giggles before performing...(she's so animated...I have no idea *ahem* where she gets that from!)

Cute girl got to get brand new cowgirl boots for the occasion!

Rehearsal before going on stage...

Actual performance pics...

Her Club's team did a great job!  Took a purple ribbon (I'm still new to all this 4-H stuff so I'm not even sure what that color ribbon means.) and so we go to Topeka, KS for Regional Competition in March!

Oh my...she's really just "growin' up like that!"


Willy Wonka Fun...LOL

A girlfriend posted this on Facebook.

Yup, this about sums it up!

This may or may not be me...LOL!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Storm Fun

Well, for almost an entire third winter season without snow, we sure made up for it today.

Three to four inches per hour. Thunder and lightning! It was crazy!!!

So far, we've hit 9 inches here on the west side of Kansas City, but where Chris works they had officially hit 12.  And we're waiting on round two to pick up in intensity.  Not quite the storm of this morning, but we've been told to expect another 2 to 4 inches.  Yippee.

I have a toddler out of sorts.  Basically, he's been crying off and on all day.  Not sure if it's his ears...uncertainty about the deep snow...or just one of those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the crib!

I leave you with a few pics...

The Farmhouse

The Kids

Random Shots

Working Hard...or Hardly Working?!!!  :)