Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Few Lenten Opportunities (Links to Help You On Your Spiritual Journey)

My friend, Monica over at The Homespun Heart does a series of posts she titles "Open Tabs"  I really love these posts as she provides links to some fun, creative, faith-filled crafts or ideas that she has come upon over the past week.  Piggy backing on her idea, I am going to provide some links to other bloggers that have shared some wonderful ideas to help you and your family grow during this Lenten Season.  I can't wait to do many of these myself!

First up, from Kathryn of Team Whitaker, a great YouTube video on Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent.  You can catch the TWO minute video here, but if you have more time do drop by and check our her post on getting serious about Lent!  Good stuff.


Gardenia of Our Little Flower is also sharing a great post today on making a Lenten journey to reduce clutter...get rid of order to grow closer to Christ. Gardenia has received permission from author Dale O'Leary to share this Lenten Project.

One of my most favorite Lenten practices is participating in the Stations of the Cross.  As a child, during the Season of Lent, I would beg my Mother to get me to school early in the mornings at my Catholic school.  Seventh and Eighth Graders were allowed the privilege of going to the church before the start of school and praying the Stations of the Cross.  How I loved walking in the spiritual footsteps of Christ...gaining a better understanding of his sacrificial love for me.  Recently, I have begun to bring Mary Catherine with me to attend our parish's Friday Night "Stations of the Cross" services. We begin with fellowship (Soup Suppers) and end with the "Stations".    Many of the Stations move me to tears.  How much God loves us!

Sometimes though, it is impractical to make it to a Friday night "Stations" service.  In those situations, before bedtime, I like to walk the children through the stations at home using The Way of the Cross for Children.

 In addition to reading through the little booklet, I purchased this coloring book for my kids.

I'm also planning on making these Stations of the Cross votive candles that my friend Patty over at Reasons for Chocolate created earlier this week.  I can't wait to light each votive as we read through our little "The Way of the Cross for Children" book.

And finally, are you looking for recipes to bookmark that are meat-free?  As Catholics, we abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent.  (Actually, many Catholics try to go with out meat every Friday!)  My friend, Billie Jo from Afternoon Coffee and Evening Tea is sharing her mother's Macaroni and Cheese recipe with a twist!  If you're on the lookout for a new mac & cheese recipe, this might be one to add to your collection.  (Did I ever tell you about the time my kids refused to eat Alton Brown's delicious baked macaroni and cheese that I slaved over?!!!  Apparently, it needs to be artificially colored to be considered the real thing...)

I hope that you enjoy perusing these blogs and maybe finding something to do that supports you on your 40-day Lenten journey this season.



  1. Valerie...You and Patty and so many other wonderful friends I have recently "met" are one of the reasons I am so glad I began this adventure in blogging! Sharing ideas and advice and support, as well as plain old friendship with such wonderful people like you makes me so thankful and happy!

    This is a wonderful post and I am excited to visit these blogs to meet new friends and visit old ones! Thanks, friend! I'm off! : )

  2. You are welcome, Billie Jo! I've loved getting to know you thru blogging. So grateful for social media that has opened up my world of friendships.

  3. all these links! I can't wait to check them out. thanksfor sharing, and for linking to my post too ;) Happy blessed Lent, valerie. love your new header and layout too.

  4. THanks for the link-up, Valerie. And thanks for directing me to the new mac & cheese recipe. Not sure how I missed that one especially since I've been on the hunt for a new one. May your Lenten journey be blessed and fruitful!

  5. Thanks, for your kind words, Gardenia! I am so excited about the Lenten Journey challenge. I'm ready to tackle the clutter.

  6. Thank you, Patty! I am actually looking forward to Lent this year...I view it as another opportunity for spiritual growth. Blessings,Val

  7. Great Macaroni and Cheese recipe. Book marking it to try. I have always had a great respect for Lent. As a girl one time I participated in Lent with some of my Catholic friends. It was a great experience.


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