Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes on Friday (#1)

This afternoon, I'm joining in with Jennifer Fulwiler's "7 Quick Takes on Friday" over at Conversion Diary.  I sure like the idea of summing up a week or sharing just a few quick snippets before starting a weekend!  Join us if you can!

#1  Two weeks ago, we managed a new personal record for our family with five out of five contracting the stomach flu!  Interested in the gory details including "stomach contents to go"??? click here.  I will spare you any pictures.  :)

#2  On January 29th, our precious boy turned two-and-a-half!  I don't know about you, but I certainly didn't grow up celebrating "half-birthdays".  But, that being said, there is something special about turning six months older than your last birthday when you're less than three years old!  Those 6-month intervals are especially significant in the early childhood years where physical, cognitive, and emotional development are occurring at record speed.  Three months ago, I was beginning to panic that my little man would never talk!  Just a mere three months later, at age 2 1/2, he speaks in full sentences, often trying to put 2 and 3 sentences together.  Most gets lost in translation, but he's had a huge language explosion that is so much fun!  Here's his "birthday" pic! We celebrated with "football" shaped donuts from Walmart.

 #3  Our precious first-born, made her First Reconciliation this morning. Oh happy, joy, joy! What a glorious day!  Here's a shot of her 2nd Grade Class doing their "group" Act of Contrition before making their formal First Reconciliation.  Let the "dress" shopping (First Holy Communion) begin!

#4  In addition to the norovirus/stomach flu that we all contracted, Luke and I were the unfortunate recipients of the influenza virus as well.  This has been a rough winter at our house and we are looking forward to Spring!  Luke and I were both able to start Tamiflu and I can not say enough good things about this drug!  While others have claimed not to get any relief from Tamiflu, I can definitely say that it has helped us. 

#5  That groundhog better NOT see his shadow tomorrowJust sayin'.  Pray for clouds.

#6  Not really a huge football fan...but I am a huge fan of food and any holiday/occasion to celebrate with food.  Planning on trying my hand at making this...

and these...

Source: via Valerie on Pinterest

...are these cute or what?  And they appear fairly simple to make too, although they might be prone to "pinstrosity"!  LOL

#7  Looking forward to sharing with you 14 Simple Ways to Show Your Family "I Love You" without breaking the bank over the course of these next two weeks.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. What a precious boy. He is such a cutie. Congratulations to Miss Mary!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    M :)

  2. Wow, you've had some exciting things happen lately!! Well, the whole flu things isn't so exciting. It's been a yucky winter for us too and I'm looking forward to Spring!!
    So excited for super bowl Sunday, your roll ups things look SO good!! I'm making little football whoopee pies too!!!!! I'm with you ... guessing they won't look anything like I saw on Pnterest! lol
    Bummer about your sewing machine, hope you get it back soon!! I love to see what others are making and always looking for ideas.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. ps My embroidery machine is a Brother, I got it for Christmas and love it!! I have a whole post about it a few posts back.
    Thanks for the sweet words.

  4. Been so crazy busy over here, just wanted to quickly say hello, hoping you have a wonderful weekend, and I am so,so,so,so sorry about that nasty stomach bug that invaded your house. Love your pretty header change up. Brought a smile to my face. And congratulations to you daughter on making her First Reconciliation. What a special moment :) God bless!

  5. Love this idea and hope to join yall this coming Friday! What a great way to recap.


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