Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Typical Midwestern Driver...

Typical Midwestern (southern Plains!) driver...

When will they learn???!!!

The COZY COUPE is merely a Sport Utility Vehicle.  It is not really meant to go off-road.

Better start pushing your way out of that snow drift!

We've been having snow much fun here in KC!  More than a seasons worth of snow in two back to back storms!  The City's received over 25 inches in 7 days.  We typically get 18 inches over an entire Winter.  Looks like a few cold days ahead, but then the warm up (and the melting) begins!



  1. Too cute, Valerie! Enjoy all that snow...we got quite a bit today as well! : )

  2. More like the southern drivers when they experience snow as a rare treat!! He looks like he is having a ball and will probably sleep quite well tonight!


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