Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That Groundhog Lied!

Not complaining.


I've enjoyed the beauty of our Winter Wonderland from Monday night/Tuesday morning's snow storm...

(View From My Front Porch)

(My poor Magnolia tree... not liking this one bit!)

(View off of our back porch)

(Neighbor's house across the street.)

...and my kids are loving being off of school...AGAIN.  Snow Day #4.  (I don't think they understand that the will have to make these days up!)

(Thanks, Auntie Joy, for the Snow Boogie!)

(This sled is from L.L. Bean.  It's been to Colorado...twice!)

But seriously...that groundhog lied!




  1. How can something so beautiful wreak such havoc at times? At least the little ones are enjoying it! And the photos are gorgeous.

  2. I beautiful, Valerie! I love cozy snow days, as long as everyone is safe and sound! : )

  3. That first view reminds me of Narnia!! Enjoy. Enjoy. Love the looks of those sweet, happy faces playing in the snow.

  4. Enjoy! We never got any snow like that this winter. No sledding. ;(

  5. I've never trusted that silly
    It will be interesting to see how many days we will have to make up.

    M :)

  6. It is beautiful. The kiddos make it all worth it!


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