Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anyone Reading This...

Anyone reading this...

I can't put it down!

Started it this morning and I'm three-fourths of the way through.

(Yes, my house has been neglected and my children barely supervised! LOL)  It's that good!

We just started reading this in my Catholic Women's Group.  I can hardly believe I didn't vote for this choice...I wanted to do a more esoteric study of the Mass.  (I still probably will do that...just on my own!)

Anyway, I'm not sure exactly why Colleen Carroll Campbell's spiritual memoir resonates with me so.

Perhaps because I too came of age in the late 1980s and early 1990s delaying marriage and child-bearing for more "worldly" pursuits.

Or maybe because I too worked in the world of politics taking my first job out of college working for a United States Senator in his local congressional office.

I definitely could relate to Colleen Carroll Cambell's memory of wearing a budget-worthy blazer while working among "interns" who were from much wealthier families sporting designer label pumps and handbags!  Only in my case, I was driving the Senator to a political fundraiser (on my time-off!) featuring the Vice President of the United States, Dan Quayle.  Oh...those beautiful, 6 ft. tall "interns" with their gorgeous pant-suits and killer heels!  They put my "practical" the Jones Store department knee-length skirt and scuffed pumps to shame.  Yet, Vice President Quayle and wife, Marilyn, were so very kind and gracious to me...surprising me several weeks later with a candid snapshot of the V.P. and myself snapped by the traveling White House photographer!  (I must dig out those photos!)

Or maybe it's as simple as a lot of the story taking place in my beloved hometown of St. Louis!

And then there are the saints much new information that has really piqued my curiosity and desire to know more about their lives...their struggles and their triumphs.

All I know is that I can't put this book down and plan on tucking the kids into bed EARLY tonight.   And if you're reading this, or have already, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  This is definitely one I'm bookmarking for future reference for Mary Catherine.  I'm thinking it might be the perfect read before she heads off to college...which is quite a ways away!  :)

Happy Saturday evening, Friends!!!


  1. Ooh, it's so Valentiney over here! I have not even heard of this book, but it looks good! How interesting a life you've had!

  2. Thew lives of the saints are my favorite books to read!! I get so much courage from their lives. I have never heard of this book..but I will certainly check it out. thanks. we are doing Fr Barons seven deadly sins and my husband is doing accessions press Epic...always looking for any way to grow in knowledge of our faith...thanks!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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