Friday, February 22, 2013

Willy Wonka Fun...LOL

A girlfriend posted this on Facebook.

Yup, this about sums it up!

This may or may not be me...LOL!



  1. Laughing out loud at this... but am so glad you took a few pics of your own porch on Thursday! I LOVE snowy photos, and I love your photography. And you have such terrific ideas (things I can do with my grandkids!).

  2. Thank you, Billie Jo and Nancy! I had to giggle out loud when I saw that graphic You should see my Facebook would think we've NEVER had in snow in KC which in fact isn't true. (We usually get about 20 inches a season. It's just that we haven't had any snow (measurable) over the past 2 winters.) Every single friend has pics of their subdivision...front porch...kiddos, etc.!

    Happy Weekend! We're enjoying snow day #2!

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  4. Way too funny!

    One would think this was the first
    time it snowed here.

    Snow day 2 allowed us to get out for lunch.

    M :)


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