Sunday, February 3, 2013

We're Cookin' with Gas...Literally!

As if two weeks of non-stop illness at our house wasn't bad enough, did I mention that my gas cooktop stove went out?  Over two weeks ago???!!! hot tea to soothe sore hot chocolate to warm us on the coldest day of simmering pots of soup or stew to warm us up on the fluffy scrambled eggs to fill my kiddos' bellies before school...

If we couldn't microwave it, crockpot it, or bake/broil it, we weren't eatin' it!

Due to a $40.00 diagnostic fee and $400.00 estimation repair bill, we opted to say farewell to our iron-clad, grease-covered, 11-year old gas cooktop, and instead spend roughly double that for a brand-spanking-new one! 

I gotta sure is pretty...even if it was way over budget! 

Here's my kitchen island cooking space before my new cooktop insert...
(I failed to take a picture of our ugly, greasy, old cooktop.)

 ...and here's my new gas cooktop stove!  Isn't she pretty???!!!

Let me show you some of her fanciness like...

Blue LED backlighting on the knobs! (I don't know why you need that either??? sure is pretty though!)

FIVE burners including a large "rapid boil" center burner!

And...just for interchangeable cast iron GRIDDLE by LODGE.

Installed just this morning in time for Superbowl Sunday appetizer fixin'!  What are you making for the Big Game?!!!



  1. Tamales from a fave restaurant, layer dip, chips and salsa, a veggie platter and apple roll-ups.

    Have fun with your new toy!

    M :)

  2. You've got a beauty there. I keep my appliances in my prayers. They're twenty plus years old, but still chugging along. I'm skipping the snacks -- did have some rice crackers -- and going with herbal tea. It's not very Super Bowl, but my waist line thanks me. I'm really trying to lose ten pounds and I've got two more to go on this challenge.

  3. OH Gosh two weeks is a long time especially when you have illness going around. So, glad your sweet looking stove top was ready for some cooking some super bowl goodness. I tried a new recipe for finger chicken tenders and we did individual pizzas.

  4. Oh my goodness, it's GORGEOUS!!!

  5. love it! Glad you now are back to freely cooking.


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