Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Saturday at the Zoo

Happy Pink Saturday!

This has been a crazy week at our house with little blogging going on. The little ones had a touch of the stomach flu (really can't complain since we officially made it the entire Winter with no illnesses)and then Mother Nature delivered some beautiful 80 degree days. Just not a lot of time to sit and blog!

In addition, Daddy has been working lots of overtime this past week (fire fighter), which means he's gone for 24-hour days. To reconnect, Daddy did take a day off from the part-time job on Tuesday and we took the kids to the zoo. Not a whole not of pink to be found at the zoo, but we managed! For other pink finds, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

The Kansas City Zoo.

Beautiful new landscaping at the entrance to the zoo. Not sure Ben was supposed to be in the tulip beds...

Inside the wall art at the tiger exhibit. The Kansas City Zoo is divided into continents and we were visiting "Asia".

Pink Chilean Flamingos

Who needs pink animals when there's a playground on zoo property?!!!

Inside the "Kids Discovery Barn". Mary is testing out her "lemur" skills while Ben was being fascinated by the meerkats.


  1. What a wonderful pink trip to the zoo! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. That looks like you had a great fun filled Pink Day at the Zoo! Thank You for sharing!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. What a great trip, my oldest son worked as a fireman, untill he couldn't pass the run test, he missed it by 8 seconds, we found out later it was because of his crippling ateridis,(msp) they worked 3... 24 hr days and off 2. You work hard to make up the time with the kids. You trip was a great away to connect.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! These are wonderful days for you with your children.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday to you and your family. I know how hard it is for kids to miss their daddy and mommie's too. Glad you could have some time at the zoo with kids and dad.


  6. I think this is just an adorable PINK post!! Your children are precious!!

    Angelic Accents

  7. i think you found a lot!! sorry to be so late visiting, happy pink week!


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