Friday, April 3, 2009

Change and Baby Stellan

Change is good...or so they say. Usually, I'm a big fan of change, as it typically signifies growth. Sometimes though, change can be uncomfortable if not downright painful.

Recently, I changed my blog. Though not on purpose. I was trying to add a widget, and while editing the HTML code I inadvertently deleted my header. Not a major problem, but a bit of a time-consuming task to get it back as I am not the most tech-savvy blogger.(Uncomfortable)

But then I got to thinking, "You've always wanted a 3-column would be the perfect time to do it." And thus, I spent quite a bit of time experiencing first-hand all of the headaches that are created if you try to upload a 3-column template and apply it to an existing blogger template...(downright painful), but growth prevailed! I am excited about the addition of my new 3rd column and all of the layout organization options it will provide. (I'm sort of kooky that way!)

But back to change. You may have noticed, in my new 3rd column, my "Pray for Stellan" button. Have you heard about Stellan? Well, if not, please click on the link to be touched by this most precious of babes! Sweet, 5-month old, Stellan is in the fight of his life. Diagnosed with a heart condition in utero, he is once again battling to survive, this time the very dangerous condition of being in prolonged SVT. But once again, change has prevailed. According to his mom, "In some upbeat news, Stellan is at 24 hours and counting with no SVT and his heart beating in Normal Sinus Rhythm!"

To learn more about Stellan's heart condition, his incredible family, and their unwavering faith in God visit My Charming Kids. In addition, Stellan's mom created a Name Gallery for him. People all over the world have photographed Stellan's name in some of the most exotic and unusual locales you can think of. You will be amazed to see and learn of all the people around the world that are praying for Stellan! Stellan's Name Gallery

Stay tuned for my very own Stellan pictures. My sister, in St. Louis, and I have decided that we too would like to photograph Stellan's name. We want to send Stellan our own best wishes and prayers from the Heartland and will be representing the I-70 corridor (St.Louis/Kanas City).


  1. That name gallery is so cool. Kind of reminds me of Flat Stanley.

  2. Hi. This is my first visit to your blog and I just wanted to let you know I had stopped by ! I like the three columns ... although, I don't know what it looked like before ! :)


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