Saturday, April 25, 2009

Missing Daddy

Seems, Mommy isn't the only one missing Daddy this week! Here is an email that Mary (age 4)asked me to send to Daddy today:

Dear Daddy,

How much will you be at the race? I couldn't remember how much days. When you
get back, I was thinking we could get ice cream together.

Mary Catherine

P.S. I asked Mommy to type this letter to you. I wanted to know if you had a
mailbox at the fire station. She said you could get emails.

Here is Daddy's reply:

Mary, I am at the races today and tomorrow. Hopefully I will get home in time to
see you before you go to bed, otherwise I will check on you.

I work at the fire station on monday and then I am off till saturday. We can get
ice cream on tuesday or wednesday when it is nice.

If that isn't enough to break a mother's heart, my two-year old son then came up to me and said, "Mommy how much longer?" ('till what...mommy gets off the computer?!)

Me: "For what sweetheart?"

Ben: "'Till Daddy?"


We are really missing Daddy! In addition to his working lots of overtime to help make ends meet, my husband also is on the Rescuse Squad for the Kansas Speedway. Now, NASCAR and INDY races aren't every weekend, they aren't even every month, so it's hard to complain about him working something that he sooooo loves to do a handful of times a year. Besides, marraige is about sacrificing for one another and he is certainly doing his part so that I can stay at home with our little ones. But, man, we sure do miss you Daddy!


  1. Daddy sounds like a great guy, he deserves a break every now and then and it is true what they say about absents makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. Heart warming mail I have to say. I hope he doesn´t have to work on the races, so he´s able to see a lot of it instead :-)

  3. How sweet. he must be a special Daddy to have the children miss him so much. I bet they would miss Mommy just as much if not more if she were gone. Hope the time flys until your loved one comes home!

  4. I would be tempted to take her for ice cream every evening....a little late but happy pink, heidi

  5. That was so touching...

    Have a Blessed Sunday
    from The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  6. How sweet! Sure sounds like you have a special hubby and Daddy! That's so awesome!!!! Hope yall have a wonderful week with Daddy!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Aren't kids great. Sometimes they just do the most special things.

  8. What a sweet post. Kids are so special!! Gotta love 'em!!

  9. That it so very sweet. Sometimes being seperated makes us appreciate each other all the more!
    Always good to give thanks and make your husband feel appreciated for all he does. You could have the kids draw him some pictures to welcome him back home. I'm sure ice cream night is going to be great. Have you been to Sylas and Maddies in Olathe? If not, you might need to get your ice cream there. It's inbetween The AMC 20 and Target and soooooooo good!

    Smiles and Hugs, Nancy

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  11. That's so sweet of your little daughter! :)

  12. What an awesome post!

    Thanks for following me. I'd love to have you visit to hear what you're thining!


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