Monday, July 15, 2013

American Girl/American Boy

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tonight, we are celebrating Father's Day by taking daddy to the Kansas City T-Bones game (our minor league baseball team).  Should be fun, especially since we're enjoying some cooler temperatures.  (We're sitting along the first base line so the sun will be in our eyes, at least until 7th inning stretch!)

Anywhooo, I'm in the middle of a half-dozen home decorating projects (at least it feels that way) and that's what has been keeping me away from blogging. I don't know about you, but I can't function amid chaos, and chaos is what we've been living amongst!  Things are slowly falling back into place as we have done some major bedroom makeovers (yes, that's plural).  I can't wait to share with you Mary's new bedroom and my new master bedroom.   Just a few more things to add and they'll be ready to share!

So, at the end of June I was trying to pack, finish up softball/t-ball season with the older two, and wrap up swim lessons.  It felt like we ran from morning until night, but the kids weren't complaining!

Mary's softball season went into July, but we already had vacation scheduled (in January!) and so she had to miss her last game. I snapped a couple of pics at her "last" game.  Mary and Ben play parks and rec fancy uniforms, no expensive fees ($35 per kid!  Score), and we play locally or against other one-stop light towns.  Mary's last game was in Wellsville, KS.  I didn't even know where that was...thank goodness for Garmin!  Anyway, she played ball among the wheat fields and hay bales of Kansas.

The night before we left for vacation, Ben had his last t-ball game.  He was excited to actually get his medal and celebrate with cupcakes and watermelon.

As if packing and t-balling weren't enough, Mary Catherine had her heart set on getting a new American Girl Doll.  Mary has been wanting Saige since she debuted.  I told her a year ago that she would have to save for Saige and buy her with her own money.  So she did!  It took her nearly a year to save the $110 necessary, but she did it.  Here she is purchasing Saige at the Kansas City American Girl Doll Store the day before we left for vacation.

Personally, I would have found it hard to part with 110 American dollar bills for a doll, but not this girl!  She somehow acquired her Mimi's (grandmother) love for shopping and so, as you can see in the photo below, she had enough dollars left over to buy the coordinating child-size bracelet that matched Saige's belt.

All this excitement and we hadn't even left for vacation!

And for those of you curious as to what Mary's new bedroom looks like...I leave you with a sneak peek (blurry iphone pic)...(color is aqua)

Promise to be back tomorrow with Day 1 vacation pics.



  1. Hi nice to see you again! I can see by this post you have been very busy indeed! And I loved reading all about it.

    Ball in small towns is the best! So glad your kids enjoyed it.

    And hooray for your beautiful daughter saving to purchase her new doll. I am sure that is a moment she won't soon forget. : )

    Can't wait for your upcoming posts...vacation and room makeovers!!! Yay!

    Have fun tonight, friend!

  2. American Girl dolls are just so beautiful. They DO cost a fortune- but they're so worth it and what a lesson Mary Catherine learned in saving up for her own.

    I've been painting lately too. My little girls now have a VERY purple bedroom. It looks great- fresh and clean and new. I bet Mary Catherine's does too. :)

    Hope you find a bit of time to relax this summer though- before you are off to work again in the fall!

  3. Goodness, no wonder you felt the need to relax on the beach! Sounds like everyone needed it!

    Did Mary watch the movie over the weekend about Saige?

    Watch your email, I'll be sending you one about your goodies soon.


  4. You have been one busy momma. I have to say that I am a lot like you. I would have had a hard time parting with 110 dollars as well. But, she looks so happy to have her doll. It certainly will mean more that she had to save for it.


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