Monday, July 22, 2013

Martha Versus Mary...I Think I Can...and Bloglovin

Good Monday Morning Friends! I hope you had a great weekend.

I have been terribly remiss in posting over here at her Little Ways.  For that I apologize...if only to my family and few friends that read here!  My plan is to post less frequently, but with some deeper thoughts to share.

As I make a return to the classroom this Fall, I was struck by how applicable this Sunday's Gospel message (Luke 10:38-42) was to me in my life.  I think we can all relate to getting caught up in the Martha-ness of life while neglecting our inner Mary!  (More on Martha Versus Mary in a future post!)  This can be especially true for me in the classroom!

Which brings me to my next point...

...I have been blogging over at my new education blog,  I Think I Can...I Think I Can...  I created this blog in hopes of better utilizing technology in the classroom, but also as a means to getting caught up when it comes to education issues that effect public/private/parochial teachers.  (You wouldn't believe how significant it  is to be gone five years from the education world!)

While you may be a home educator, I hope that you will still drop by to say hello, share some nuggets of educational/parenting wisdom, and perhaps learn about a new teaching technique or method.  I will be working with Kindergarten through Eighth Graders, (including a kiddo with autism in kindergarten) and I will have a steep learning curve for sure, but I'm certain I will have lots of ideas to share as well.

(Oh, and I actually PAID someone to create my blog template for "I Think I Can"!  I'm just giddy with excitement over how well it turned out.  It's only a kit...not a custom design...but I got a lot of bang for my buck and couldn't be happier with it!  Below is my new blog button.)

  I Think I Can I Think I Can

And while it appears that I have no followers at all (LOL...I don't via Google Friend Connect), I am slowly gaining a following via Bloglovin (seems the teacher bloggers really like this reader connection).

Follow on Bloglovin

I invite you to join me via either Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin and hope to connect with you soon.

Finally, I hope to get the rest of my vacation pics posted soon.  I did do one long post (mostly pictures) over at I Think I Can... So if you're just dying to see the rest of our vacation pics you can hop over there!  

So there you have it...a whole lot of Martha-ness which I hope allows me to start being a better Mary...visiting your blogs...posting deeper thoughts less frequently...and finding balance in my home, work, and prayer life.



  1. Oh...please keep posting here my dear friend...but you know I will follow you wherever you go! Stalker-ish right? : )

  2. A new blog huh. Well I better get over there NOW!



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