Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer's Coming!

Nothin' on earth that'll get me hummin'
Like a heat wave comin' and I'll come runnin'
With her makin' that tan in the broad daylight
And every night is a Saturday night
And everything's right with the summer comin'
I'm the first one standin' in line
For my day in the sun I've been workin'
'Til the sun don't shine.
Lyrics from "Summer's Coming" by Clint Black

Summer surely is coming, although I'm not the one "workin' 'til the sun don't shine". That's poor Daddy!

The pool officially opened on Saturday and I took the kids this afternoon to cool off. The temperature isn't all that high (85 degrees F), but the humidity is thick! It did end up raining on us for a few brief minutes, but I'm glad we didn't flee the scene as the shower was over as quickly as it started. A few minutes under the umbrellas with fruit snacks seemed to curb any disappointment over getting out of the water!

Yes, his sunglasses are on upside down, but at least he's wearing them!

I have no idea what is up with the "posing".

Infant/toddler pool to the left (zero depth entry); "big kid" zone to the right. Mary is "officially" a big kid, as in, she wants to go down the "big" slide by herself.

The REALLY "big kid" slide. Height requirement in place. Fortunately, Mary's not tall enough for this one yet and children are not allowed to ride down with parents/guardians. I will say that Mary conquered this beast last year (at age 3) during her summer swimming lessons!

Not a bad little "aquatic center" (whatever happened to "city pool"?) for a town that only has 1 stoplight and no grocery store!

*Ring ring, Ring ring* Hello..."Yes, is this Mrs. Kueter?" Yes..."Mrs. Kueter...this is the ENT's office. You do recall that your son underwent ear tube surgery last winter...kindly, please keep his ears directly out of the spray of dirty pool water." EEEEK!


  1. Oh yes, we did ear tubes with two of our boys. One even had them twice. The first time for ear tubes, LBeau had to get on the oxygen when he saw the IV in our precious little boy's hand.

    That's a pretty impressive pool.

  2. That pool looks like so much fun. The only way we survive summer in Houston in the Pool.

  3. Great pictures! Wish I could have been by a pool today It´s getting warmer again here :-)

  4. What a fun pool area! Looks like a great way to spend summer days!!! I know the girls would have lots and lots of fun!!!! How fun!!!
    Hugs and Blessings,


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