Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spam...So Off Base...Especially During Holy Week

Had a comment waiting for moderation...

 ...it was for the post I did on First Holy Communion dress shopping with Mary Catherine.

 This is what it said,

 "Flower girl dresses defiantly help your daughter stand out from the crown." 

 Ummmm...she's making her First Holy Communion. I hope to God she's NOT behaving "defiantly" and I don't want her stand out from the "crown"...she's accepting the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ who accepted His Crown of Thorns for her...

 Spam. Don't like the taste...or the comments...LOL!



  1. definitely spelled defiantly drives me INSANE. Insane. I don't usually care so much about spelling or grammatical issues, but that one . . . it gets me every time.

  2. Oh Valerie, that is just so wrong! Think it may have been a typo? Stand out in the crowd? Still too self absorbed for this Holy Sacrament but perhaps not as bad as crown? God bless you during these last few days of Holy Week!


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