Monday, March 4, 2013

Frosty the Snow Giant!

Driving out of our subdivision this morning, this guy caught my eye!

I had to stop and do a double take!  Seriously.  I've never seen a snowman that big.

Yes, that is one of those smoker/charcoal grill lids for Frosty's hat, and brooms for arms.  No small sticks allowed!

Any bets on how long this guy will take to melt?!!!

And there's still snow on the ground!!!  It's not like they built this guy and there are patches of grass everywhere!!!  As you can see, there is still plenty of slushy snow to be melted. I am loving seeing the patches of grass at the edge of the driveway, though!  We are supposed to get rain and then temps towards the weekend of near upper 50s!

That should do a number on Frosty.

So who do you think built this snowman?  Mom and dad or the kids?!!!



  1. Wow, I have never seen a snowman that big before. The daddy must have helped them build that.

  2. Oh my! I wonder how long that took! So cute! : )

  3. Wow!! That's the biggest best snowman ever!! Isn't that a name of a book? I think we have that book...wish we lived closer I'd borrow it to you...and our snow would be melting instead of multiplying right now!!

  4. I think it took a team effort!


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