Saturday, March 16, 2013

Growin' Up Like That...Take 2

This morning, the kids and I got up at o'dark thirty to head to Lawrence, KS for Mary Catherine's 4-H Regional Dance Competition.

And as we've been partying into the wee hours (read...watching a Redbox Rental and staying up until 9 PM because the kiddos are on Spring Break), the littlest and the biggest (Luke and me!) struggled to get up in the dark of morning.

We did it though.  I mean, who can sleep with girlfriend making so much noise from the mere excitement of it all?!!!

Her Country Line Dancing competition team did great...better than at County Club Days, I I'm hoping that they placed. There were so many more dance teams this go around, so who knows for sure until the scores come out.

Anyway, as I did my best to get us all in the car and at the high school on time, I managed to forget any type of digital recording device, including my phone.  (How in the world did we manage to drive for years without those things???!!!)

I did snap a couple of pictures after we got, buckle, and side ponytail!

Wishing you all a Happy Saturday. The weather here is yucky...and only going to get worse!  Yesterday, we had a record-setting high of 83 degrees and today we're hoping to hit 40. And tomorrow...highs in the mid-30s...windchill in the 20s...and rain/snow mix all day.  Lucky me...I get to drive across the state of Missouri in this weather.  bleh

So, I will be away from my computer for the next several days enjoying winter Spring Break in St. Louis.  Looking forward to hugging on family and lunching/breakfasting with several girlfriends!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day...early!


  1. She is adorable, Val! Have fun!

  2. She looks so darling and I bet it was a fun day!!


  3. Awe, she looks great! I love those boots.

  4. She should be down here with us this week. We just finished the three week long event known as the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.

  5. Very cute! What kind of dancing? I'm guessing not Irish step...


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