Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Your Dad's a Fireman

When your dad is a fireman on the 4th of July...

You will probably want to dress up in your finest digs to show how proud you are of him...

You will set up camp with  your baby brother to watch the parade...

The parade will start off with a policeman or two...

Followed by the color guard...

And if your dad is really cool...or been employed with the fire department for a really long time... he might be driving the fire truck!

Of course, if you live in Kansas you might see a farm tractor or two...as well as Miss Kansas herself...

...and then there's those crazy Shriners...
There will be grabbing for candy...
...and the high school band...
...as well as a crazy pirate.

All because your dad is a fireman on the 4th of July!

Hope you had a fantastic holiday this year.  It is hard to believe that we've scooted into August...and are halfway through this month too.

Doesn't it seem like once the 4th of July is over, the summer spirals away so quickly?

Happy Tuesday,


P.S.  In case you're wondering...Miss Mary spent the 4th of July with her Grandma in Iowa.  Another wonderful place to experience small-town living!


  1. It looks life a wonderful life living in a small town. We didn't even get fireworks this year because of the lack of rain.

  2. Oh how funny is this!
    To open this post and see the same parade we went to. From your pictures, it looks like we weren't too far away from each other!
    We were South on Park, in front of
    the house with the shade.

    Too funny.


  3. I love it! Small town life is the best :) As is having a daddy who is a firefighter!


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