Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Catholic School

An apple for the teacher!  First Grade, August 2011

*NOTE*  This post has been amended to join up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner to share our "Back to School Traditions."  And although this is only our 2nd year of school...if we discount preschool...there are a couple of things that we do annually.

One is to take an apple to the teacher.  As a former classroom teacher myself, I can't tell you how much this tickled old-fashioned tradition in a sometimes crazy, modern world!

Kindergarten, August 2010
On the 2nd Day of School we take a small bouquet of flowers...typically a mason jar.  Again a touch of gentle "old-fashionedness".

Finally, on the last day of the first week of school, I send home a "These are a few of my Favorite Things" list for the teacher to fill out.  List includes items such as...
...My Favorite Cookie is.......
...My Favorite Body Lotion scent is...
...My Favorite Fast Food restaurant is...etc.

That way, throughout the year, I can pick up little gifts, trinkets, gift cards, etc. for Mary to take with her to show our appreciation for all the hard work it takes to love and educate our kiddos!

Hope you enjoy these "traditions".  I know I can't wait to read about what others do to celebrate this very special time of year!

Hot tears prick at the corners of my eyes as I drive down the highway...
...after I've promised myself that I wouldn't rain on her parade today.  

She's so very excited... be a First Grader today.

Beyond excited to model her freshly starched and pleated uniform jumper while sporting a crisp, clean white polo.

And the shoes...

we can't forget to mention the shoes...or how hard it was to find "sensible" shoes that weren't "blinged" out or Twinkle Toes.

She's collected and sorted her school supplies on top of our dining room table...

...eager to place them into the backpack that morning.

It's then that I have a moment of panic.

Where's the pencil box...why do we not have a pencil box?

Did I miss this the gallon-size ziplock with slide enclosure?  But it's not on the list...

We arrive at her "new" school and she's bounding out of the car, with enthusiasm, ready to dodge into traffic.

The principal and custodian greet us at the door...every single person who works and attends this school is valued... of equal importance...precious in His eyes...

In the foyer, the school nurse gives her a hug...and helps us find the First Grade classroom.

It's  not hard...2nd door on the left...located in the one and ONLY hallway...

We enter the classroom... be greeted by her beautiful teacher...who calls her by if she had attended Kindergarten here and already knows her..

...and my smart girl starts following the directions.  So she's been doing this school thing for years.

My heart races just a bit...all sorts of doubts and worries fill my mind...

Will they like her (the "new" kid)...Will she like them...Remember her manners...Miss me...Be able to keep up with her peers that attended All-Day Kindergarten???

She's one of thirteen...Nine Girls, Four Boys...She has a seat up front.

Signs of Faith abound everywhere...

The Blessed Mother statue on the bookshelf enveloped by bags of school supplies..but peeking if She's saying..."This is a safe place, Mom...I'm here to guide and protect your little ones."  Crucifix over the "chalkboard"...bulletin boards with faith-filled reminders...

A few last hugs and kisses goodbye and I leave my girl in the arms of a loving and caring faith community...

At dismissal she bubbles with enthusiasm...telling me about homework...needing a snack...getting a compliment for being the only one to say "thank you" for a teacher-provided heart beams.

I think it's going to be a great year!

...And her teacher provided the pencil box.  :)


  1. I feel your feelings!! Envisioning this day when my own will be in first grade. We've got another year of preschool and then kindergarten, but I felt those same feelings last year too!! isn't it the most wonderful thing seeing all the evidences of Catholicism and Christ in the classroom!! God bless you, mama.

  2. This is so, so sweet! What a precious girl you have and I love those signs of faith about the classroom. We are a couple of proud mamas, aren't we? :)

  3. Aww! Such a sweet first day. I remember a first day like that for us 2 fast years ago. My girl started 2nd grade this year. I still miss her like mad. ;) Such a sweet blog you have here. My dad lived in N.W. Kansas for many years. I love it there still.

  4. What a cutie! Love your ideas!

  5. so, so cute! What a great school your daughter goes to! I am a teacher & I love your first week of school traditions. And, only 13 kids in the class?!?!? that is awesome! I have over 30!

  6. So Beautiful. We try to start our first day of a new school year with Mass and donuts. I know it wreaks with the routine that I want to establish with the school year but spending time with our Lord and then talking with the kids is the best way to start.


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