Sunday, August 14, 2011

Get Wet!

“Play in the sand; splash in the water; get dirty; get wet. The beach is the only place my mom doesn’t get mad about me doing that stuff. Of course I love the beach!

--Dixie Dykens (age 5)

Benjamin, Age 4, Gulf Shores, AL (July 2011)
While searching for beach quotes, I came across this statement from a little 5-year old.  I thought it was perfect...sweet, simple, and full of truth.

I never seem to mind my kiddos getting wet when we're at the ocean...even if we're in our "church" clothes...I wonder why that is? 

This week, my kiddos return back to school.  Where or where did summer go?  I know a lot of it was spent indoors...not even at the public pool, do to the scorching temps and heat index.  Looking forward to the return of cooler weather...and maybe some "summer fun" on the weekends!

May this be the start to a beautiful week...


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  1. Do they start tomorrow? I am sorry. I know that you enjoy your kiddos and will miss them. We are starting with a few things but mostly will not start until the end of the month. I pray the school year goes great for all your little learners.


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