Monday, August 1, 2011

Cake and Icing in My Hair!

Happy August 1st!

I promise that this will be the last birthday post for Luke!

He's just so stinkin' cute and I want to capture all these memories before my mommy brain turns them into mush!

With out further ado...a birthday poem pictorial.

Cake and icing in my hair,

I'm turning one and do not care;
Dedication sticker on "I'll Love You Through and Through" from Mimi & Papa.
Ribbons, balloons, and presents for me,

I'd rather play with box, if you please!
Our little man loved these bright green boxes and didn't want anyone else to touch them! 
And yet, the birthday festivities do not end!  Our first-born celebrates her 7th birthday this week!  Good times..good times!

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  1. Happy birthday to the big guy. I can't believe it is a year since he was born!


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