Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prairie Honey from Na.Da. Farm

Look what arrived this afternoon...

My very own jar of Anne Marie's Illinois prairie honey!

Oh it sweet.  And the color...beautiful!

My older two were beyond excited...

I especially love these last three photos...tongues hanging out in anticipation...honey dripping off of fingers...purity, innocence, summer...all poured into an 8 oz. mason jar! (I chose not to share the photo of Benjamin LICKING honey off my is that good!)

And so we are the public library.  Because after begging to visit Anne Marie's blog Mary and Ben now want to learn about bees, bee keeping, and honey.  (Ben was a bit confused and kept asking to see the hive...think Winnie the Pooh!)

On a different note...but still just as sweet...this little lady (Baby E.) made her debut Monday evening...

Me getting to hold Baby E.  She only weighs 7lbs 9 oz.  Both of my boys were nearly 9 lbs! girlfriend's newest arrival!  That makes daughter #3 for her and her husband.  Such sweet little blessings.  Unfortunately, it was the mama of this precious bundle that was to teach our pillowcase-dress class at our sewing guild on Tuesday evening. 

It's all good though...we kept our scheduled girls night sewing as planned, vising Caitlin and Baby E. and then enjoying Chocolate Stampede cake instead. 

Wishing you a peace-filled Wednesday,


  1. Hi Valerie! So glad to meet you.. thanks for the sweet note! You have some little sweeties there, and honey is perhaps my favorite topic right now (since I'm a newbie beekeeper!). delish! Absolutely darling pics. It's so cool you knew about Ten Mile!! I'd always heard about it, but our visit to 'the store' was my first trip after all these years. We are between Macon and Moberly, so K'ville.. not so far up the road either ;) Looking forward to following along here! -Tammy

  2. you are so sweet Val for posting about it....I cannot wait to show the family this post!!!

    p.s. check your email...

  3. How do you do it? You even make a jar of honey exciting? Your kids are so beautiful and I can tell that you have been working with your camera to learn to take the best pictures.

  4. Looks like everyone is having a good time. Baby E is adorable!
    Can't wait to see your pillowcase


    You won't be able to put "The Help" down!!!



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