Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite Summer Pic

Over this next week or so, I plan to post several "summer adventure" posts.  Feel free to read along...or skip! These posts are for posterity.  :)

In mid-July we were able to take a 12-day trip to the Gulf Coast.  This is my very favorite pic of all three is quite the challenge to get a good snapshot off all three at the same time!

And now for a couple of bloopers...

Cute...but, nobody's looking at the camera!

Somebody's always crying...

Closed eyes...tears...frustration!
Wishing you a great start to your weekend,


  1. Anytime you get more than one kid, it can be a great feat to get a nice picture! I actually have pictures just like this of myself and my siblings/cousins. Someone is ALWAYS crying in them, it's quite funny now!
    They're still adorable and I love the orange!

  2. They are all great shots. They will grow up so close.

  3. Great pictures! Memories you'll have forever. :-) We're planning a long weekend Gulf Shores, AL beach trip for October. Can't wait!


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