Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Seems we are all under the weather at our house after our fun, if not tiresome, camping and boating weekend.



(Sunset over Stockton Lake, Stockton, Missouri, August 2011)

We are also expecting some weather...fortunately not severe...this morning. I'm thinking it might be a good day to dive back in under the covers and listen to the pitter patter of raindrops while the pitter patter of tiny feet are still silent!

Up in the loft of the "Camper Cabin" we stayed in at Stockton Lake.

And speaking of "diving" back in I discovered the towel shelf in the kids' hall bathroom rearranged. It seems that there has been a bookshelf added.

So the question is...where are the rest of the baby bath towels?!!!

When I walked into the kiddos' bathroom this morning I saw this stack of "reading material"...1st grade level.  I asked our first born about the books and she says, "That's my reading shelf.  They're for the bathtub."  I explain that this might be dangerous...for the books...and she replies, "Well  you do it all the time."  *sigh*  How you you argue with logic?!!!

Hope to be back tomorrow when everyone is feeling better and not needing the mama quite so much!


  1. Valerie! I just deleted the post for the free books, so you can have them. I don't have the heart to keep it up longer and then have to have a drawing, after what you said!!

    email me you address and I'll send them out this week!

    jamiejo99 at gmail.com

    (no spaces)

  2. Hope all are feeling better soon.
    A couple of our family memebers have been dealing with colds.
    Trying to stay away from this myself.

    Take care.

    Love Mary's reading shelf!



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