Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mary Catherine!

It's official...

Well, almost.  (It will be official at 11:11 AM.)

I am now mother to a SEVEN-YEAR OLD.  And yes, I am screaming that! ;)

Mary Catherine & sister's Golden Retriever. (July 2011)

I'll save the "dripping with saccharine" sweet posts for my daughter.  
Some things are just better left publicly unsaid.

Just know this...this angelic face has brought my husband and I more joy than we ever thought possible!  What started out as a quest to overcome infertility and "have a baby" has turned into, "Why did God choose us to parent this beautiful child...we are so undeserving!"  

Her delight with life...ability to notice and celebrate the small things...positive for Christ...all of these things have helped me to be a better mother.  Daily.

She is both an answer to prayer...and  an answer to unasked prayers.  

God knows both the desire of out hearts...and what our hearts need, even if unbeknown to us.

We've got big plans today with this girl of ours...including a trip to the Kansas City Zoo...Chuck E. Cheese (gag!) ;)...and ear piercing (her request...daddy's conspiracy!).

Wishing you a blessed Thursday,


  1. happy birthday Mary Catherine!! we moms are sooo blessed, arent' we!!!

  2. She is a very beautiful little blessing, and she is surely blessed also- to have a mother who delights in her as you do! Happy Birthday to Mary Catherine!

  3. Happy Birthday to Miss Mary!
    Sounds like a big day for her!
    Thankfully the weather broke just in time for your trip to the zoo!

    Have a great day!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you too!


  4. A blessing indeed! An ear piercing, now THAT's a big deal in a little girl's world!

  5. Happy Birthday to Mary Catherine :)

  6. Happy Birthday!! I hope she had a fabulous day!! I have been trying to convince both my girls to get their ears pierced. They want nothing to do with it though. I'm sure that will change...

  7. Children are such a blessing from God. Hope she had such a wonderful Birthday. I know you and your husband made her feel really special. We are so much alike. I loved the last comment you left at my blog.


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