Friday, August 5, 2011

Pierced Ears...A Birthday Gift

I want them.
I need them.
I love them.

I've got to have them.
My mom and my dad won't let me have them.

Beautiful earrings for pierced ears.

So goes the first two pages of Judith Viorst's EARRINGS! a sweet little book given to Mary Catherine by her Aunt Julie last year  on her birthday.

This mama wasn't quite ready then for her to get her ears pierced, and truth be known, neither was she.  But a year later...oh, what a difference a year makes.

And while mama still wasn't quite ready, Mary Catherine (and daddy!) definitely was.  

Teachers and lady dentists have them.

Mothers and even grandmothers have them.

Why won't my mom and my dad let me have pierced ears?
My preference would have been to have her more year...and get them done for her First Holy Communion, but the heavens conspired against me...and she didn't want to wait one more year!

I want them.
I need them.
I love them.

Beautiful earrings.
Glorious earrings.

And so she got them.  As a special gift for her 7th birthday.  After all, as she tells us, "I am going into first grade!"

Where did my baby go?

EARRINGS!  By Judith Viorst
Choosing her "starter" set.

We're all smiles...for now!

Hair pulled back...
Dots marked for placement...

Getting the left side done first...

Umm...what just happened...

Trying to be brave!  That hurt waaay worse than you said it would, mom!

Aaack...we still have to do the RIGHT side?!!!

I think I'm glad I did this...
Be sure to drop back by tomorrow, if you are interested in learning more about the handmade skirt that Mary is wearing as part of her new birthday outfit.

Enjoy the start to your weekend,


  1. How cute! We have always said when our kids turn 5 we'd consider it. Well how fast did that happen to us! Sissy turns 5 Sept 3rd and she's getting her ears pierced because it's all she talks about. Did Mary Catherine cry? Doesn't look like it! I'm nervous!

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  3. Congratulations to Miss Mary!
    I think the thing that made me jump was the loud click next to my ear.


    PS Check your email,please.


  4. Once they turn 7 I always feel like time cheats me by speeding up. First grade is such a delightful time in school. I love all the magic that takes place with learning.

    Ear's pierced, that is such a big girl step. The books, which I have never seen, sounds delightful. Going to look for it.


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