Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mary with the Blessed Mother

In the Roman Catholic tradition, the month of May is considered Mary’s month and usually involves some type of celebration of the Blessed Virgin.

Each year, between Easter and May 1st, I try to get a picture of my Mary with the Blessed Mother.  Benjamin was his typical “uncooperative” self this year so no sibling picture!  BOYS!!!

Mary and Benjamin with the Blessed Mother, Easter Sunday, 2010 (Mary age 5, Benjamin age 3)




Mary and Ben together in front of the Blessed Mother statue, May 2009 (Mary age 4, Benjamin age 2)

Blessed Mother 006

Mary in front of the Blessed Mother statue, Easter 2007 (age 2)

Easter 2007 001

Wishing you a blessed Sunday this May 2.


  1. Mary most love that you present your children to her each year.

  2. 人類最大的悲劇不是死亡,而是沒有掌握有意義的人生 ..................................................

  3. I do this for my niece and nephew each Fall and it's fun to have the progression of pictures through the years. Boys can be SO uncooperative-hee hee! I hope Mary doesn't become the uncooperative one when she hits about 13!

  4. Darling pictures of your little angels.

    I remember when I was young, going to Catholic school, each May we had processions and took turns crowning The Blessed Mother. What great memories. I loved making crowns of flowers for her.

    Blessings to your little family.

  5. This post gave me chills. So sweet! I love that you take a picture with her next to Mary every year.

  6. My, how they've grown. the first year, Mary was smaller than Mary and now look at her! I love your Mary statue and her flowers each year. I am making a Mary garden this year, waiting for the statue to arrive, and looking forwarrd to selecting Mary flowers. it's a lovely tradition I grew up with, and so excited to continue it with my family. btw, I'm sharing an award with you today. stop by when time permits.


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