Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to all.  I wonder if anyone even celebrates this holiday anymore?  I remember in my grade school days making little bouquets of paper flowers to be placed in construction paper woven baskets for our mothers. 

Today was unusually damp and chilly for May 1st.  We celebrated by Mary playing her last soccer game of the Spring season.  Yes,  our ferocious lions lost again, even if nobody’s keeping score!  On the bright side, our team did score our first and only goal of the season!

I think Mary enjoyed herself. It’s really hard to tell when you have an easy-going, happy go lucky child.  I guess she would tell me if she didn’t like it or wanted to quit.  She willingly played anytime coach put her in and willingly sat out when he needed to rotate players.

As this was the last game, there was a little award ceremony afterwards.  I’m not really sure how I feel about the whole…”everyone gets a medal, every season, just for participating” kind of thing, but I guess it’s not really an issue at the PreK/K level.

Here a few pics of today’s game…

Mary playing forward/attacker.  Not an “ideal” position for my unassertive little one!  :)


Getting a little help from Coach Sean…I think he was moving her to the position of defender.  She’s a bit confused about that role as well!  LOL


Problem:  If you tell Mary to play as a defender and to stand on “this spot” she will rarely move from it!!!


End of season high five.



Mary’s all about the snacks!


Patiently waiting for her “participation” medal.


Mary wasn’t quite sure what to think…you don’t get medals for participating in dance and she’s been in ballet for two years!. I suppose the reward is in the performances!


Final team pic with Coach Sean. 

It seems that Mary has grown a ton between ages 4 & 5, especially since Winter!  Her legs have gotten stick straight…I think she’s going to be one tall girl!


We are so proud of you Mary Catherine.  You played in some cold, damp, sleet-like weather and never complained once.  You willingly played and willingly sat out.  You were kind and supportive of all your teammates.  You showed true sportsmanship!   We love you baby girl!



  1. Oh how much fun for her. Learning comes in a variety of ways and I'm sure she has picked up a few things along the way.
    What's next for Miss Mary?

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. She's SOOO cute in her little soccer uniform! I don't blame the poor girl for not wanting to run, I wouldn't either. Maybe she should play goalie!


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