Friday, May 28, 2010

I *Heart* the AC Man!

air conditioning So if it wasn’t bad enough to have a houseful of sickies around here, we’ve also been without air conditioning (AC). 

And of course, after a spring full of cold, damp days, we jumped from highs in the low 60s to upper 80s/ low 90s OVER NIGHT!  (Cause that’s how we roll here in the Heartland of America…makes for some ferocious storms!)

Actually, we’ve been dealing with no heat or AC since March 20th…when we got the 8 inch snowstorm on the first day of Spring.  In fact, we’ve had a heating/cooling guy out several times this spring.  He would get the system fixed, providing heat, only for it to stop working a few hours later.  On Monday he was just plain honest with me…,”Ma’am, I give up.  You need to call someone else.”  Okay then.  We called someone else and they made it out today.

Two-hundred fifty-eight dollars later I’ve got AC pumped throughout the house.  Worth every penny!

In the meantime, we had Mary Catherine’s all-school picnic  to attend.  We missed most of it due to the AC visit, but I’m NOT complaining!  We took our picnic basket and blanket, but  Mary and Ben were really too excited to eat.  They were all about the playing!


My two little pirates.




Merry-go-round love.  I rode this type of playground equipment every chance I could get as a kid.  Today…makes me dizzy just watching it!  




I can never get enough of this sweetness…sweaty-boy smell and all!  There’s just something about those blue eyes and blonde curls that make my heart melt!



Mary’s favorite piece of equipment…the “troll” bridge!  This thing is so old I cringe every time she runs across it as it buoys up and down and rattles its chains.


In the meantime, I’ve been working on a little nursery project that involves this…


and this…


Can’t wait to show you the final outcome.  It’s transforming nicely into baby boy changing table goodness!

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend here in the United States and a relaxing/peace-filled weekend to my out-of-country readers!


  1. I'd be having a major "meltdown" pardon the pun if we didn't have AC.
    I'm not much into the hotness of the summer but what do you do if you live in the midwest. Just deal with it!.
    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Gotta love that AC man! I can't believe it's that hot their already. It's rainy and gloomy here today and the rest of the weekend isn't expected to be much better unfortunately.
    Looks like the little ones were having a ball, they are so gosh darned cute! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. I feel your AC pain! We had no AC when I was about 7-8 months pregnant with Ainzley and it was so hot! He was out several times before having to replace the furnace and redo everything. It was miserable! your kids are so cute!

  4. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, too, Valerie.
    I love seeing your children. They are so darn cute. I look forward to your new baby boy.

  5. Glad your AC is working again. It doesn't usually get really hot here and I don't know anyone who has AC in their homes. If it gets hot we all just suffer and moan about it!
    Looks like your kids had great fun at the playground.
    Hoep you are having a lovely weekend.

  6. I say, whatever it takes to get the house cool !!! I would've spent it too. I laughed about your "makes me dizzy watching it" becuase I feel the same way! how did we do it back then? wonderful pics of your kiddos and yes, show us the finished changing table when you're done.

  7. Oh yes, you definitely need AC, especially when you're pregnant!!!

    Great pics of the kids at the playground...they look so happy!!

    The changing table is gonna look great when it's all done! Look at all that green that your backyard? I'm so envious!

  8. In that picture of Ben on the swing... I can see Clint. I know that's random, but the curly hair, blue eyes and cute little chin just make me think of what Clint is going to look like in a few short years. Such a handsome boy!


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