Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Boy Names???

Good morning, everyone!

Today, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting her weekly “show Us Your Life” party.  This week’s theme:  names you’ve chosen for your kiddos!  Obviously, very pertinent to me right about now!

You see…I’m stuck.  I just can not decide upon a baby boy name.  Oh I had my girl name picked out…and I just KNEW I was having a girl…until the perinatologist confirmed that little boy part!

Now that the shock has worn off (HA!), I have been studying name books and internet lists on a daily basis.  Yet, I still can’t decide.

Perhaps you could help? 

Here’s a few “parameters”:

  • I tend to lean toward gently “old-fashioned” names that are classic and timeless.
  • I also like names with a Biblical connection.
  • Our last name is pronounced “Keater or Keeter” although it has a funky spelling (Kueter…German!).  It is not pronounced “Kooter” or “Cuter”  LOL
  • Our daughter is named Mary Catherine.  Mary was my maternal grandmother.  She only had one daughter of her six children, my mom (my mom has five older brothers!). Catherine, our daughter’s middle name is from my sister, Joy Catherine.
  • Our son is named Benjamin Paul.  We chose Benjamin because it is a classic name, means “Son of the Right Hand” and “is often given to name a son born of older parents”! Ha!  Chris and I were 37 and 39 respectively when Benjamin was born.  Paul is a family name as well.  We have Paul Kueter, Great-Grandpa; Gary Paul, my father-in-law; and Christopher Paul, my husband.  Interesting fact…Great-Grandpa, Grandpa, and Benjamin were all born within 3-days of each other during the month of November.  Great-Grandpa and Ben were born 90 years apart (Great-Grandpa was still alive at the time) and Grandpa and Ben were born 65 years apart!  Daddy was born on father’s day the year he was born, so although he wasn’t a November baby, he had a pretty special birthday too!

So what do think?  Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.  I do have a few boy names I’ve been mulling over, but before I share, I’d like to hear your ideas so as not to sway you.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. My husband and I grew up in Pennsylvania but now live in the Midwest as well, we are in Indiana.

    First of all, congratulations are your pregnancy that is so exciting. I love the name Benjamin Paul. If i didn't have a Benjamin for a cousin it would have been on our list. As for suggestions, Benjamin's brothers name is Jonathon. I always thought they were good, strong names.

  2. Hi, Valerie,

    Name(s) picking is so fun. I have always refrained on commenting much on other peoples name ideas because I think in 99% of naming cases (I can think of one name I still can't get my head around...that would be the 1%:-) I end up loving the name because I love the child. And even if the name didn't sound all that great before the baby was born, it seemed perfect once baby was here. If we had, had a son, it would have been probably Sven McCoy Stratmann -- now that's kicker (Sven was my Great Grandfather, McCoy my other Great Grandfather). I liked the sound of Sven Stratmann too...good alliteration.

    For a Biblical name suggestion...Joseph. Can be Joey when little, Joe when older. Strong, likeable, fun ...Joe Keuter-:) Have fun!

  3. I love classic Biblical names too! My oldest son's name is Josiah and my two year old's name is Jacob. I love both of those. If I had another boy I would name him Jonah! Yes I like J names. :)

    My girls names are all old classic names too. Rachel, Olivia and Amanda. Have fun deciding! I am excited to know what this little guy's name will be.

  4. How fun!!! I love picking out names! It's so fun!!!! Even though I think we are through with adding to our family, I still find myself picking another name! Joseph Ryan is name I really like. But then I love the name Preston as well. Joseph Preston would be a handsome name too. No matter what, I know his name will be just perfect!
    Hugs and Love,

  5. Picking names is always difficult, it sort of follows You for the rest of Your life :-) But one name I really like is Sebastian. It means the revered and there is a saint called that too.

    Why not look into the danish part in the family?
    Have a great day now!

  6. Wow - you are brave. I never want anyones opinion when it comes to my names - I won't even tell my Mom!

  7. My grandson, who will be 13 months tomorrow, is Keegan Joseph. A little Irish name....meaning little and firey.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, Valerie.

  8. Hi Valerie--
    Names--Matthew, Michael, James,
    Zachary are some of my fav names.

    Good Luck!

    Happy Mother's Day to YOU!


  9. Nicholas Kueter has a nice ring to it. Whatever you do decide on will be just perfect. Let's get together soon..I have some princess and Barbie items for Mary and a Nell Hills table runner for you if you want it.

  10. Hey Valerie,

    I came across your blog from Kelly's and was thrilled to find another KS momma! Now I just need to find the time to read about you and your darling kiddos.

    I wanted to add my input to your boy name list. My son's name is Eli Aaron and of course it just melts my heart. I also love old fashioned and ones with Biblical meaning. That's why we chose Eli's name. When I was pregnant with him, I was reading the story in the Bible when Aaron and Hur held up Moses' arms and I loved the thought of our son being someone who will lift others up when they can't hold themselves up. So, there's my suggestion! ;)

    I look forward to visiting your blog soon!

  11. Joseph, Jeremiah, Elijah, Luke, Paul, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob (although that was is extremely popular), Daniel, Josiah, David, Thomas...

    I look forward to hearing the name of your little one!


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