Monday, May 24, 2010

I Feel Beautiful Again!

After a crazy busy weekend that involved lots of birthday and graduation parties (we made 3 of the 5 since little man was still under the weather) we came home to a broken air conditioner…ugh!

Yes, after weeks months of cold, damp “fall-like” weather, spring, or should I say summer, arrived to the heartland with a vengeance.  It has been 85 degrees (F) or higher since Saturday, and while I’m not complaining (think pool opening, camping trips, visits to the lake) I would love a little AC on the 2nd story! 

So…what’s a girl to do?  Go to her nearest hair salon for  a Monday morning makeover…complete with AC!  Actually, I’ve had my hair appointment for over a month and was eagerly looking forward to today. 

See, I’ve always been a blonde as evidenced by my own two towheads, but those crazy pregnancy hormones go the best of me earlier this spring/late winter and I did something crazy…I dyed my hair brown.  Yes, brown.  I’ve always wanted to know what it is to be a brunette. Seriously.  Not kidding.  After years of dumb blonde jokes that I have worked to overcome by obtaining multiple degrees through higher education ;) , I have always wanted to know what it felt like to be a brunette…and taken more seriously.


Well that and my all-over bleach job was getting to be a pain.  Not natural looking at all.

The funny thing was, nobody seemed to notice when I dyed my hair brown..humph!  Seems my 3-inches of roots did a great job of convincing folks that my natural hair color was “honey sugar”!  LOL  And when my own two little ones asked me when I was going to get my “yellow” hair back, I knew it was time for a change.

And I feel beautiful again! 

Which is sometimes hard to do when one is 8-months pregnant!

I am especially pleased that I got my appointment in this morning as I have had several other things on my to do list, including…

  • ironing my daughter’s dress, and
  • baking a dozen cookies for PreK graduation (tonight!)
  • and picking up last minute teacher appreciation gifts this afternoon!

Oh…and the heating and cooling guy is on his way over with the new “motherboard”…wooo whoooo!  Cooler temps are on the way!


  1. Yay for air conditioning! I don't really know what it's like to need it, though, as we are in the fifties here :(

    I always love when I get my hair done too. Though these days it consists of my mom coming over to help me do it myself :)

  2. I want to see pictures!!!! I am sure you are beautiful with brown hair. It always feels so nice to get a hair appointment in! Especially when you are 8 months preggers.

  3. Air is good. I broke down and turned ours on last night because the heat was making me GRUMPY!
    It's amzing what getting one's hair
    done, manicures and pedicures do for ones happiness!
    Let's see what ya look like!


  4. Hey let's see some pictures of your beautifulness!! (I know that is not a word) But I like it! :)
    And yay for air conditioning. I can not imagine being pregnant with no air in the heat we are having right now. :)


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