Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Graduate

Last night, Mary Catherine graduated from PreK. The ceremony was so sweet and she looked adorable.  It’s hard to believe that this “baby” that we longed for, for so many years, is now ready to start kindergarten.

A year ago, I was contemplating whether or not to send her to kindergarten.  I am so glad that I waited; otherwise, Mary would have missed out on an awesome year of letter, number and sight word reinforcement, as well as this memorable graduation ceremony.


Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you.  We know that you are more than ready to tackle the world of kindergarten and will do great things during elementary school! 

We love you!


Mary with Mrs. King (L) and Mrs. Davies (R).  They enjoyed her so much and you can tell from Mary’s smile that she adored them!


A picture of Mary during the giant slide show.  This was Teddy Bear day at school and each child won an award for the most……….bear.  Mary’s was voted “softest.”


Don’t you just love their little gowns?  They entered to Pomp and Circumstance.  As you can see, we got a new hair cut for the occasion…bangs!


The back of the gown…so sweet!


Performing Bible versus and songs with her class.  All of these children were kindergarten eligible last Fall, but like Mary, their parents decided to wait.  Thus, the small size group.


After Bible versus and songs, the “graduates” exited the church to put on their caps. 


Our girl with her diploma! So very proud!!!  The Preschool Director read a short sentence about what each child loved best about PreK…Mary’s answer…EVERYTHING, which got quite a chuckle from the crowd. Spoken like a true teacher’s daughter!


So very serious.


Cookie time!


Daddy was on-duty last night. Fortunately, a fellow fire fighter was kind enough to trade a few hours with Chris so that he could attend the graduation.  Afterwards, we took Mary out to dinner.  She wanted McDonalds…we convinced her otherwise!  LOL

IMG_3602 A gift for the graduate…

IMG_3606 A “Growing in Grace” Precious Moments figurine.  The bottom of the figurine says “5” and the little girl is holding a stack of books and a lunch box.  So sweet and appropriate!


  1. Congratulations Mary Catherine. I am so very proud of you...you are going to love kindergarten. I can't wait to hear about all the fun things you learn in school next year!

    Love you
    Miss Erin

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous. Congratulations on her graduation. I love how you have a special ceremony for them. We don't have anything like that in England. Love the little figuirine too, what a cute gift.

  3. Congratulations! What a cute ceremony!

  4. Congrats to Mary, I love the little gowns they had. So cute!

  5. I meant to mention to you in my last post that our vet told us that this Syncope issue is a very prevalent problem with boxer's, Great Dane's, and German Shepard's. It doesn't mean if you have one of those breeds your dog will get it but you know the chances are just higher. Hopefully your friend will never have to witness her dog do this. Its just really un-nerving to watch and have no control. But honestly she's back to herself. We are just keeping her on low activity. But yes it is nice to know that this is a possibility and not to freak out and think they died if it does happen to your dog.

  6. What a sweet post! I can see why you are so proud!! She is a sweetheart! Now on to kindergarten!! :)

  7. How tute! Love her new bangs. the funniest picture~all the parents with cameras at the ready! Congratulations to your beautiful Mary Catherine on her first graduation, may she have many more as she travels down the path of learning!

  8. Constant dripping wears away the stone. 滴水穿石!加油!.............................................

  9. what an adorable little preK graduate you have there! and I'm sure you and hubby are glowing and bursting with pride. I just love the graduation robes -- how wonderful the school and teachers are to have put such effort and love into the graduation ceremony. you'll treasure this forever.

  10. Congratulations Miss Mary--love the new bangs!



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