Friday, May 21, 2010

Letters of Intent…Dear Wal-Mart Shoplifter…


Today, I’m joining  in the fun over at Foursons to air some grievances that I have.  Now, if you’ve been following me for some time than you know that I usually try to keep it light (except for a few infertility posts here and there), but this weeks has had a lot more downs than ups and I just need to get them off my chest!  :)  So, here it goes…

Sugar Free Wafers

Dear Wal-Mart Shoplifter,

Perhaps you think of yourself as a mere “taste tester”?  Well, I am here to inform you that unless Wal-Mart is PAYING you to open and eat out of packages of  Sugar Free Vanilla Wafer Cookies, you are STEALING!  I’m sure you just wanted to decide for yourself whether or not this particular brand of cookie was worth purchasing, but too bad…you need to pay first and that’s a gamble anytime you buy sugar free.    And while you might think that it was the responsibility of the cashier, bag boy, myself, or even my 5-year old daughter to have caught that opened package instead of purchasing it, in my exhausted, but sweet-craving state at 7:00 at night I did not.




Dear Gestational Diabetes,

While not surprised, I am disappointed that you have decided to return to invade my poor pregnant body, yet once again.  There’s nothing that thrills me more than checking my blood sugar 4-5X a day, counting carbs, and sticking to the boring (albeit healthy) gestational diabetic diet.

I guess I should take solace in the fact that you did not rear your ugly head sooner…I passed my 1-hour glucose tolerance tests earlier on in the pregnancy and 28 weeks is the typical timeline for imposing yourself on those of us you afflict.  So…thank you? for kicking in during my last trimester and not sooner.


Repeatedly-Diagnosed Gestational Diabetic

Managing Diabetes


Dear Church Lady,

While I know you only have the best of intentions in showing your children the significance of attending Mass regularly and of course, pleasing God, I PROMISE you that God would much rather have you keep you SICK child at home providing comfort rather than spreading germs to all of those around you.

I have to say, that your daughter was one of the most pathetic sights I have seen in a long time. One look at her flushed cheeks, watery staring eyes, and lethargic state was enough to diagnosis some type of upper respiratory ailment…and the icing on the cake was the green mucus constantly running from her nose as she coughed and sprayed spittle on me, my mother, sister, children and nephews.

I must thank you now that Benjamin is displaying the exact same symptoms including a 101 degree temperature.  We only had planned to attend 1Friday night Work Function and 3 high school graduations on Saturday.


One Seriously Annoyed Parishioner

(No picture…it probably would have been rude of me to photographer her sick child…not to mention grossed everyone out!)

Okay…I feel better!  Now, I’m off to medicate my son and pray that by tomorrow afternoon he is fever free and well enough for us to make the rounds of graduation parties…because there is nothing a gestational diabetic craves more than CAKE!  LOL

Happy Friday,


  1. Oh my goodness, what a week you have had. That is terrible that you purchased a bag of cookies that someone had already sampled. That would make me really mad too. And I can't imagine having to deal with gestational diabetes along with everything else that the last trimester of pregnancy brings on. I will be praying for you Benjamin too. Hope he feels better quickly and you all have a great weekend!!!

  2. sigh . . . enough to make you go batty! but I bet you feel better now, having written those letters!

  3. Stopping in from Julie's. I LOVE your blog! We live in a tiny town too {and my hubby's a firefighter} ;)

    Do not get me started on sickies at church. I used to teach Sunday school and every.single.Sunday we had sick kiddos in class. I actually ended up in the hospital at 33 weeks pregnant with our third because of church germs ;)

    Hope y'all are feeling better soon!!

  4. Visiting from Julie's blog. So sorry you have gestional diabetes. It is tough, I have been there.

    I like the fact you live in a small town. Used to live in one. Small towns are great!!!!

  5. I love when Walmart shoppers go to the bakery and give their kids a donut to eat in the store that they never pay for. I refuse to buy donuts out of the case at Walmart for that reason.

    Sorry to hear about the diabetes. That is no fun. Hopefully you get to eat some cake this weekend so you can raise your blood sugar some. 'Cause that's what you're supposed to do right? :D

    That woman who took her daughter to Mass 'ought to have a stern talkin' to. Irresponsible parenting at its finest.

    Thanks for linking up, I hope your son gets better in time for the weekend plans.

  6. Sounds like a not so fun time all around! I hope he feels better soon. Shoplifter, you need to mind your manners and learn some respect!

  7. Hang in there Valerie. I would love to have sent a similar letter to the obviously sick lady that got on a plane and sat next to me all the way to LA a couple of years ago. A few days later, I was down with it as well.

  8. That totally sucks about the open box of cookies...ugh! And what makes it worse is discovering it AFTER you're already home!!!

    Sorry to hear about the GD...this too shall pass! Thank goodness it's only temporary!

  9. I am the angry parishioner that sat behind your sick child yesterday in church! Thank you for infecting my healthy children right as summer vacation is about to begin!!!!

    LOL LOL LOL LOL....just kidding, I did not know the kids were even sick at church yesterday! Hope the kiddos feel better.

  10. Sorry to hear about your tough times. Especially the boy's sickness. The child's Mother should have kept her home for goodness sake!



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