Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is for you...Jamie Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Easter Pics)

We've been down with head colds.

 Ben had like 102.4 all through the Triduum. Aaaargh!

Poor kid was absolutely miserable.  He cried standing in line to see the Easter Bunny...and then after we did our Easter clothes shopping (yup, we really do buy three kid outfits on Holy Saturday afternoon every year!) he cried in the Chinese restaurant.  (He also cried at home while Mommy and Mary went to Holy Thursday mass and when I had to take him with us to Good Friday mass b/c Daddy was on-duty!)

I can't blame him.  I got home and felt cruddy too.

Fortunately, Easter Sunday brought sunshine-y skies and Burton the Easter Puppy!!!

Anyway, I'm late to the party, but decided to put up some pictures from Easter Sunday.  Enjoy.

These are for you, Jamie Jo!

Jamie Jo wrote the cutest post about all the "matchy-matchy" Easter pics she saw.  I had to give her trouble!!!  ;)

Here's where I totally cut corners...pants were hand-me-downs so already purchased by others!...shirts were on sale at Carters for $7 each...dress was on sale at The Children's Place for $12.  Each kid got new sandals from Target (on sale!), but I ran out of time (and money!) for haircuts...thus my kids look like their new shaggy pet!  LOL


  1. Oh, for gosh sakes!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't say anything was wrong with matchy matchy just that it's too hard to do (now with 6) and costs too much because of that....we went with Wal-mart cheapie dresses under 10 bucks each girl, and the boys wore shirts they already had...

    I think SOME people got a little defensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, now I can go on...
    You all look great!! You kiddos are so cute! I can't believe all your snow is gone, and it looks warm, sandal kids, short sleeves...

    Happy Easter!! God bless!

    (MATCHY MATCHY is adorable!)

  2. Looks like a beautiful Easter Day, Val...and no snow? No fair!!! ;)

  3. Adorable!!! Ya gotta cut corners once you have more than two babies ;) That's my motto, anyway!


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