Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Thinking of Quitting Facebook

I'm thinking of quitting Facebook.

Husband hates it and never uses it.

Many posts put me in a tailspin. (I think a classmate and I were seriously the only two (slight exaggeration) not to change our profile pic to the red equal sign...and we attended Catholic school!)

Most posts I read are just bleh..."checking in at Taco Bell"..."did 16 loads of laundry today"..."went to Walmart".

When did all of this become "news" that I needed to know about "you"...and why am I posting the same kind of junk???!!!

I love the pics though!!!  I so enjoy seeing my girlfriends children growing nieces and nephews that live across the miles... I love discovering new Catholic and Christian links to powerfully positive and motivational messages... maybe I don't quit, but weed my garden?

What about you?  Do you Facebook?  Do you weed your garden of friends?  I have never unfriended sounds so uncharitable...and the thought of doing so hurts my head and heart...but some of their posts hurt my head and heart too...

See...THIS is exactly why my husband thinks Facebook is stupid.  LOL



  1. I facebook :) I love me some facebook. It is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. I have 'unfollowed' most people who's posts get me all up in a tizzy. I use facebook as a means of evangelization, taking cues from the Church's call that Christians be present in the digital world. Love me some connections with family members and the 'pulse' that it gives me on the diversity of the secular world and the need to refine how we communicate the love of Christ in that world :) Those are my two cents! :)

  2. Let Love Be Sincere,

    I wish you weren't a "no-reply" blogger! I have some questions for you?

    But, since I can't email, I'll ask you this..."what if the friends that get you in a tizzy" are the very ones that need the Gospel yet aren't receptive? Do I continue to keep them on my "friends list" b/c it is the charitable thing to do? How do you justify unfriending those folks?

  3. I do more hiding than anything else. No one can ever tell who you see and who you don't see on a day to day basis.

    I think it is very important to stay there. As much as I want to hide I can't. I agree with the previous statement as facebook is a form of sharing the faith. Often not saying anything but remaining true to the churches teaches is a way to share the faith easily.

    My teens lost many many friends (well facebook friends) last week because they went a little further. When they saw the red equal signs they started posting the churches teachings on true marriage. This caused many remarks and then after "friends" explained how they were being un-Christian they would then unfriend my kiddos. I was very proud of my kiddos because they were never rude. They would just point out that we love the sinner and hate the sin. Loving the sinner does not mean that we endorse bahavior that is not healthy for the mind, soul or spirit.

    Don't leave just hide those that you don't want to see. I have had a hard time the past two weeks as we have talked about. I can only hope that these same people see my consistancy and your consistancy and then take it a step further to try to figure out why we are the way we are. Teach by example, and you can't be an example if you are not there.

    Just my thoughts. It is not easy being a true Christian and I suspect as time goes on it will get harder and harder. Be strong my friend.

  4. Dear, dear Neen!!!

    Thank you! Thank you for always having such words of wisdom for me!!! I always forget about the "hiding" capability. Thank you also for your friendship. How I wish we lived closer to each other!!! I am so blessed to call you friend...both in the blogging world, but also in real life! We need another phone marathon's been too long...and then we need to do the STL hookup! I'm dying to meet these fabulous kids of yours!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Oh, gosh, I just started last summer. I hate the same "I'm having a glass of wine" Who cares? How about have that glass of wine and just sit and BE. Just enjoy it yourself. Stupid.

    I like the pictures. I like keeping in contact with cousins and aunties I don't get to see because they live far away. So I keep it. I check a little, scroll down a little, but not too much.

    I like to post pictures of my kiddos too, for those cousins and aunties...

  6. Jamie make me laugh (Okay, not when little Simeon is having surgery, but more often than not!) Love it..."I'm having a glass of wine" Then just drink up!


  7. No Facebook here for me. I manage
    to keep the blog going and don't
    have time to keep up with anything else.
    I know a lot of people like it but not me.
    I also don't care for the "like me on Facebook" and I'll give you something.

    M :)

  8. Oh man! What is a 'no reply blogger' I didn't even realize I was one! I'll try to fix it!
    I actually stay 'friends' with almost everyone, unless they say REALLY disrespectful things about my faith, beliefs, etc... I think I have only 'defriended' a handful of people. Instead, I got to their page, and in the upper right corner, I hit, 'unfollow'. That means, I stay 'friends' with them, but I don't have to see the posts that get me so angry I can't see straight. I do that OFTEN! Especially when hot-button things in the news, etc... happen. That way, my newsfeed is pleasant, I haven't hurt any feelings, and I can peacefully enjoy facebook!

  9. I admit I am a bit addicted to FB. I like the chit chat and the pictures. I have and will unfriend when necessary though. I weed through my friends once or twice a year, and if we never speak or were never really close, I delete. I do hide the DRAMA people that I have to keep. Some people I like in person but don't like on FB!!


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