Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes on Friday

It's Friday and it's beautiful here in Kansas City!  In fact, the weather is supposed to warm up into the 70s this weekend and I couldn't be more excited.  I've been dying to get some annuals planted to bring some much needed color to our front porch!

So, for my first foray into 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary, I thought I'd start off by sharing my most favorite gardening book...

Designing the New Kitchen GardenBesides the gorgeous photos for design inspiration, this book is jam packed with lots of history, design principles, and plant combinations.

I think my most favorite chapter is Chapter One on the origins of the potager or "kitchen garden".  I would have forever been content to have a run of the mill vegetable garden until I learned all about the Monastic gardens of the Middle Ages.  "...Monastery gardens were more than vegetable gardens, however; they were also used as site for meditation and prayer." (p. 17)  Doesn't that sound heavenly!!!  I've got big plans for our "potager" and I can't wait to share them in a future post.

This afternoon the children of St. Thomas More Catholic School in south Kansas City had a balloon send-off in memory of beloved classmate, Luke Bressete.  You might not recognize Luke's name, but undoubtedly you heard of the horrible Birmingham, AL airport accident that tragically cut this ten-year old's life short the last week of March.  We do not know the Bressete family, but friends of ours through the Fire Department do.  Luke was the middle child of five.  Hug your kiddos just a bit tighter tonight...for none of us know the hour or time...

You can read about the beautiful balloon send-off in the Kansas City Star here.  Funeral is tomorrow...might we all say a prayer tonight for Luke's family?

Do any of you follow Mark Hart the Bible Geek on Facebook?  Yesterday morning, he asked for prayers for a young woman who was considering terminating her pregnancy.  Thousands of people "liked" his post and hundreds of us left positive and affirming comments.  This evening he updated his page with a personal message from the young woman...

"I want to thank everyone so much for all of the love, support, and prayers. It took hours, but I read every single message. It truly means so much to me. I realized that abortion is something that I cannot do. I love my child way too much to every want to hurt him or her. Please keep praying for me and for my baby."

Can I just say, "wow".  Prayer works!!!  Now, I just pray that she has the support system in place to help her through these next months and surround her with love and non-judgment whatever she decides (adoption or to raise her child) and any financial needs she might have.

I'm feeling a bit anxious about the softball/t-ball schedule for Mary and Ben.  I'm wishing I would have told my daughter "no".  She already takes ballet and both kids are in 4-H.  4-H is only one time a month...totally manageable, but between the two coaches we will be at Miller Park FIVE days a week.  Each kiddo has 2 games a week and a practice on Sunday afternoon.  Seriously?  Two games a week?  For Tiny Town Rec League?  *sigh*

I keep going back to Ann Voskamp's post about pruning our lives and even though I know she's right...why is it just so hard to do???!!!

 Image Source

Some Easter pics from last weekend...loving the gentleness and innocence my sweet daughter still possesses.

So very thankful for the Holy Spirit working on the heads and hearts of family members...I wrote about family tension here.  It's so hard to believe, after rereading that post, that it has been over a year since the whole event happened...and that Easter was so very painful last year.  But God is so good...and God can restore relationships.  We must acknowledge the role that we play in these turn of events...and even if we are totally innocent we should bear these crosses for others.  I told no one of the progress that I was experiencing and yet a dear friend on Facebook mentioned to me at Women's Group yesterday that she noticed conversation between me and said family member.  Yes!!!  Even my dearest girlfriends are noticing God's healing hand in this!!!   All were amazed as I have shed many tears over this situation.

I'm thinking of starting a "Prayer Intentions" tab on my blog.  A place for those dropping by to communicate any special intentions that they might have and where others might pray for them.  And while we're at it...I continue to struggle with a particular person in my life (an atheist).  My girlfriends told me to think of it this way..."Perhaps God knows that you don't need her in your life, BUT SHE NEEDS YOU."  Hmmm, I need to ponder this more deeply.  (And I just realized Jennifer is an Atheist to Christian convert...maybe she has some advice for me!)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


  1. Hi many great links...thank you and I will indeed be praying along with you. Your Easter Bunny picture is adorable! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  2. Prayer is powerful!
    The kids are so cute in their
    Easter picture.

    Enjoy our Super Fantastic weather
    we will be having this weekend.

    M :)

  3. Love the bunny note...are you religious? So cute!! And mom, better get on that backyard hiding next year!

    My 6 year old said, "How did the Easter bunny know Simeon can't eat candy?" (with an amazed, excited face)

    So sad about that little boy, I had not heard of anything. Prayers for that family.

    Just a warning if you start a prayer intention thingy, I used to do a "Petition Thursday" because I had a Holy Hour and I'd take everyone's intentions with me...but it got to be too much, mentally, I took everyone's pain on myself, worried and prayed and it just got too draining.

  4. #7....that one hit home for me. David and I have a niece who married an Atheist. I worry so for her own faith because I know that if someone really loves you, they only want you closer to God. I don't think she is being directed to God but pulled further away. It is so frightening. But I like the comment you quoted. So true and gives us hope.

  5. wow, SO many great/sad/helpful/adorable things here! I plan to get on board with the 7 QTs soon b,c I love how it seems to serve to condense lots of great stuff to blog about PLUS keep your own thoughts organized.

    And I have to give you credit for reaching out and apologizing to your family member....the individual who is giving you the cold shoulder, honestly, should be ashamed of herself. You said something that hurt someone , you apologized, it's over. Period. The fact that you are still upset with yourself and trying to deepen your own prayer life speaks volume to how faith-filled you are...Please don't beat yourself up over this....As someone on the outside, looking in, I know it's easy for me to say.....
    And as an aside, it was FREEZING here on the ball field today. I love YOUR 70 degree day..1st day of baseball this afternoon. Yikes, It was 30 degrees! Before you know it, we'll be trying to follow the shade on sweltering days!

    Good luck with the schedule; that's a tough one.

    God bless!

  6. Hi Valerie, yes, I do think God has put this atheist person in your life for you may be the only one who is praying for her. Your prayers will bring you both closer to Christ.

    Love your daughter's note to the Easter bunny! You're raising her right if she's concerned over the Easter bunny's soul!

    God bless!


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