Friday, April 12, 2013

Where Have I been for the Past Week???!!!

Hi y'all!!! I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted.

Life is good.  We've been so busy with fun things like 4-H Sewing Club, First Holy Communion Retreat, ballet lessons, author talks, Spring Cleaning, etc., etc.  You!

Here's a couple of quick pics and I hope to be back soon...if not tonight, definitely tomorrow as the hubby is on duty!  *wink wink*

Hope everyone is doing well.   I know my dear friends in the frozen tundra got more snow.  *bleh*  We had snow flurries yesterday and they're talking snow showers next week after a warm-up this weekend.  I'm hating the back and forth of the temperatures, but sure not complaining about the precipitation.  Our farmers here in Kansas definitely need the moisture!!!

Loving the swollen creeks and tributaries as well as the Spring green of everything!!!

Mary & Daddy at First Holy Communion Retreat

Mary made this "zipper pouch" all by herself at 4-H Sewing Club.

Spring Cleaning and a Bedroom Transformation coming soon!

Mary Catherine wins a prize at a very special author talk!

I have not been by to visit ANYONE'S blogs!!!  I am so sorry!!!  Just in one of those seasons right now.  I promise to be by soon.


  1. Spring Cleaning is in full swing here too, Val...and no worries! Will be here when you get back! : )

  2. No spring cleaning going on here in MN, we just got like 11 inches of snow!!

    We'll be here when you get back, can't wait to see the bedroom transformation!

  3. Hi Valerie,

    We didn't get any snow but lots and lots of rain. It's cold and windy in my neck of the woods. Makes one want to nap!

  4. Congrats to Mary Catherine-- on both the retreat and the prize! She has a beautiful smile. :)

  5. Valerie,

    I can't imagine so much snow!

    So glad to hear life is good and you are busy enjoying it.

    God bless!

  6. Hi Valerie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your story. I still can't get that image of the nuns dancing in their full habits... what a memory for sure! ~ I know what you mean about a week slipping by because the calendar is so full. Days like that make me really appreciate a 'regular day'. Enjoy your Sunday, tara

  7. I haven't been visiting blogs either and it's always so nice when I get a few minutes to do that!
    Love the zippered pouch, very cute!
    Mary is looking so grown up:)


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