Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Social Media Upgrades/Cute Kid Pics!

Just a couple of "business" related items...

  • I did create a Facebook page for "her Little Ways"...only their system wouldn't allow the word "her" to begin with a lowercase letter so it actually is listed as "Her Little Ways".
  • I'm trying to figure out how to create social media buttons for my sidebar...not quite there yet!  (Back a few years ago, I was really getting quite good at writing my own html code...then baby #3 arrived and, well, I fell off the code-writing wagon!  I have yet to hop back on.)
  • In general, I'm feeling like the "blogging" bug has returned!  That's a good thing.  For the past 2 years I've really slacked on posting.  The reasons are varied, but suffice it to say that I'm itching to regularly post.  They may not all be "deep thoughts" or even creative endeavors, but they will be from the heart!
  • Do you find that you follow more bloggers via Facebook than thru your Google Reader?  I do.  I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but somehow I pretty much morphed into this creature that only reads blog updates that show up on my sidebar Linkys (let me know if I have failed to add you to my sidebar!) or thru Facebook.  Hmmmm....
  • Finally...a few pics from this weekend of my cuties!  This was taken at Pike's Peak in Wisconsin.  Yes, there really is a Pike's Peak (named for explorer, Zebulon Pike, who was sent to explore the Mississippi Valley in 1805) not located in Colorado.

I have decided that once you surpass two children in any given family photo the odds of a quality picture go down considerably.  While I was attempting to get a great shot for our family Christmas cards (I like to plan ahead like that!), I don't think I'm going to use any of these.  (By the way, Benjamin was so funny that day...he kept telling us, "Mom, Dad, I look like a burnt waffle.  Guess I'm not the greatest cook!)



  1. We are so alike...when it comes to reading blogs. I only read the ones on my side bar if they show that they have been updated. I do like using my facebook account that I created just for blogging. But, have not figure out how to get my like page created into a button for my blog yet.
    I do use my google reader from time to time.

    I like family photos to not look so perfect. Chances are you get a glimpse of the the children's personalitys.

    Finally, I ready to start posting everyday.

  2. I love the beautiful Fall pictures. They may not be perfectly perfect but at least all three kids are looking at the camera (for the most part)! I am glad to her your blogging bug is back. I enjoy your posts so much because they are always from the heart. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of your children, Valerie :) And I must admit...where the quality goes down...the au natural poses seem to be the most appealing. Even if that means someone has a cranky face :) Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love the colors you chose for these shots of your sweeties!

  5. ps and yea, I only read through google reader, just don't have time otherwise. can you send the blog bug over here, it seems to have flown far away!:)


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