Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mary Catherine's Singing at Great Grandma's 90th Birthday Celebration

This past weekend, we traveled to Wisconsin to celebrate 90 years with Chris' grandmother.

Armella is an incredible woman...she knits, quilts, bakes, bingo(s), and drives! LOL

In fact, Armella often takes her neighbor, Albina who turns 100 in December, to Mass and grocery shopping!

Grandma was married to Grandpa Kueter (Paul) for 66 years and is a beautiful example of dedicating one's life to their vocation (marriage).

For Grandma's 90th birthday, her daughter (Mary's Great Aunt Pam) co-wrote a song (with her daughter) and performed it at the birthday celebration. Mary was invited to sing with her Great Aunt Pam and 2nd Cousins (Heather and Whitney). While Mary only had one line in the refrain, she sang it with gusto and was the hit of the party! :)



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  1. Precious voices delivering a precious, timeless gift.


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